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Review: Alpinestars Charger R, the bag for a daily use

Reviews and tests 7 October, 2015

We analyze...

The Alpinestars Charger R is a backpack designed for motorbike riding. This bag offers many details, like all sizes compartments with fastening systems, the waterproof case or a useful helmet case.


Tha Alpinestars Charger R has the polifabric as its main material, with an external and rigid layer of polyuretane (TPU) which its shell design offers good protection on the inside in an event o a fall. Its aerodynamic lines will be useful when we are riding on the highways and against wind.

General overview of the Alpinestars Charger R bag.

There is a very important part of this backpack: its braces. Preformed as an “S” to get good ergonomics, are wide and padded. We can adjust them through thongs. The back area is totally padded for a great comfort. Also important is that the padding has been designed to adapt perfectly in case of wearing a hump in the jacket or the suite, or if we are wearing back or chest protectors.All this area also includes a 3D padding to offer proper ventilation.

Detail of the bag’s rear area, with a padding for extra comfort (left) and closures and adjustment strips (right photos).


The Alpinestars Charger R bag has two different compartments that give us a total of 18 liters of capacity. The first one, smaller, has been designed to carry small things, like personal belongings. The second one, bigger, includes a velcro closure and all the protection needed by fragile components, like laptops or tablets. Both compartments have a secure zipper closure.

Detail of the compartments of the bag (left) and the padding pocket with velcro closure, for an optimal storage.

Other details

On the external area of the bag, teher are two small pockets on its sides for further loading capacity. On the lower side of the backpack there is an extra zipper closure, from which we can extract a layer that covers our helmet thanks to a strips system, linking and adjusting our helmet to the external bag’s area. As a result, the helmet can be stored on the bag, avoiding the annoying action of carrying it in our arms.

In the lower pocket of the bag we find a cover that allows us to store the helmet, thanks to a strips system.

Other detail very useful on the rainy days is the waterproof layer , that covers all the bag in case of rain. We can store this layer always on the inside of the backpack thanks to its reduced dimensions.

There is another waterproof cover that ensures the bag dry in an event of rain.

Designed for offer additional loading storage when riding on motorbike, the Alpinestars Charger R is an excellent solution which adapts perfectly to our daily needs. Secure, comfortable and practical, even when we get off the bike or the scooter!


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