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Review: Alpinestars Tech Aero, a must have backpack

Reviews and tests 15 August, 2016

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Alpinestars Tech Aero backpack combines practicality and comfort with sporty character. Ideal for daily trips with plenty of possibilities, as guardacascos function, waterproof case and bag hydration backpack.

Construction and materials
Polifabric held in two different densities, has an exterior polyurethane coated to further increase the abrasion resistance of polifabric. The Alpinestars Tech Aero is an extensible backpack, ie have an extra zipper, located on the perimeter of the backpack, which extends storage space. Therefore, we can choose to drive with a capacity of 16 liters or do in extendible mode and then we will have a capacity of up to 26 liters.

Alpinestars Tech AeroAlpinestars Tech Aero rear view.

The lines are sporty backpack, and although it is not a rigid shell backpack, two outer compartments have a hard polyurethane layer thermoformed to protect the content, and also found two reflective strips that are made of rubber.
On the inside, which gives our back, Alpinestars Tech Aero features a mesh fabric that helps better transpire besides being padded to cushion the weight.

Alpinestars Tech AeroTech Aero’s ergonomic strips close up.

Inside we found that the backpack has several compartments, some with Velcro, elastic other strip, designed to accommodate up electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, chargers, etc. We also found that we can install a hydration system (not included), since the backpack has the necessary space for it, including for the passage of the tube to drink. An important detail: Alpinestars Tech has provided the Aero space for installing trellises Alpinestars Bionic, sold separately.
Alpinestars Tech AeroThe Alpinestars Tech Aero feature several placarded inner compartments .
Of the two outside pockets, the upper is intended for storage of sunglasses, so its interior is made of suede and is waterproof. The other stores the elastic sleeve pocket guarda-helmets stitched backpack. Finally, we found a back zipper pocket that stores the waterproof bag that will allow us to ride in the rain without worrying if our belongings wet.
The Alpinestars Tech Aero has straps, padded fabric coated mesh, shaped like “S” that improves ergonomics, ensuring excellent grip. Both straps are joined by a waist belt with plastic.

Alpinestars Tech AeroTech Aero quick release strip.

Likewise, in the waist also we have another cinch with quick release attached to two ear flaps protruding from the backpack. These earmuffs, which also have pocket waist clothing us, so that help securing the bag in sporty driving. All webbing straps and are adjustable in length.

Alpinestars Tech AeroClose up of the two latreral compartments which feature zippered pockets.

Thus, the Alpinestars Tech Aero is a backpack that will not be asked more: high load capacity, also adjustable, designed to carry electronic devices, eyeglasses, which can store the hull, has waterproof cover and space for installation of trellises. A very full backpack that can not miss in your closet motero if you move daily on two wheels.


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