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Review: Givi tank bags with Tanklock system

Reviews and tests 4 January, 2015

We analyze...

Givi's tank bags with the Tanklock system are a type of motorbike bags designed to allow us easy access, are quick and easy to mount, while its closure is one of the most secure we can find on the market. 

Tanklock is the brand name patented by Givi the motorbike bags which are linked to the bike through a system united to the gas tank cap. It is an universal system that works with all the Givi bags that use the system Tanklock and is a good alternative to other current bag systems.


The main advantage of a motorbike tank bag is that it does not increase the motorbike’s width, allowing a very easy access. The Tanklock system goes one step forward and it avoids other problems we can encounter with other tank bag systems, that is the point of union to our bike, such as the magnetic ones. On one side, it is a system that can function with a plastic or fibre finish fuel tank. Also, it avoids the possible demagnetisation of our credit cards or electronic devices.

Detail of the linking system we can find on Givi’s bags with the Tanklock system.

The anchor uses a ring connected to the motorbike’s gas cap, being the most secure system for travelling by bike, because the bag remains tied to the bike, even with heavy luggage or at high speed.

This anchor system can provide five different positions, so we can regulate the bag on the fuel tank, placing the bag in the best position according to our travel preferences.

Each bag incorporates small orifices to position the bag’s base according our driving preferences

The Tanklock system has been designed to allow the refuelling of our motorbike by just removing the bag from the fuel tank. The Tanklock system permits the opening and closing of the fuel tank cap without any problem.

The metal ring of the system allows the easy opening and closing of the fuel tank cap

How does it works?

This system is formed by two separate elements: a metal ring, anchored to the fuel tank cap and another plastic piece permanently placed on the bag, whose function is to link the bag with the metal ring.

Detail of the installation process of the Givi’s Tanklock base

The first element, the metal ring, is the piece we will have to choose depending of our motorbike model and version. We will find the reference “BF” and a two digit number. This metal ring is compatible with all Givi bags that incorporate the Tanklock system. In addition to this, the metal ring has to be purchased separately. The second element, the bag’s plastic moulded union is included in all the bags, because there is a specific element for every bag.

You can find the specific Givi’s adapter for your motorbike model

To install the Tanklock system, we only need to take out the two or three screw placed on the fuel tank’s cap and insert the metal ring and to screw it into the same cap. Once it has been installed, make sure that the fuel tank cap can be opened and closed easily. After this, the only we need to do is place the bag’s plastic base and hook it into the metal ring and push it until we hear a “click” signifying that the bag has been connected properly. To set free the Tanklock bag we only have to push the red flange placed on the side and the bag will be removed. 

The removal system is easy: we only need to push the red flange placed on the bags’ side

Let’s analyse three Givi’s bags with the Tanklock system that provide different options: 


The 3D603 is the smallest of the three bags analysed today. Designed for a daily or sporty use, this bag has a semirigid design offers aerodynamics, lightness and a storage capacity of about 4 litres. Its main purpose is to offer a practical rigid pocket just to store sunglasses, mobile phone or the keys. This is very practical in the case of going for a ride with a leather suite or in situations in which we do not have safe pockets for fragile objects.

General view of the 3D603 bag and the pocket accessory.

If we open the general zip, we see that there are two different spaces inside the bag. There is a 3D mesh with a zip closure. Apart from the two storage spaces, we can place our smartphone in a special pocket with a transparent plastic, which allows us to easily operate tactile devices or the GPS.

The 3D603 bag includes in its interior elements to easily store different objects.


The 3D604 bag is also a water resistant and rigid bag that has a storage capacity of 15 litres approximately. It is a bag designed for a daily use and for weekend routes. One advantage of this bag is the option of using electronic and touch devices (up to 7”) without taking them out of the bag. The cover is also tactile and we can ¡easily remove it if we do not need it.

General view of the bag 3D604.


The XS306 is a higher capacity bag which allows us to store whatever we wnat on long journeys. This is not a rigid or pre-moulded bag, so it adapts to the baggage. The XS306 bag also has padded areas to protect objects inside and always mantains its original lines.

General view of the XS306 bag, once installed on the bike.

We have access to electronic devices (up to 10”) thanks to a cover that allows us to operate touch devices. We can remove this cover at any time.

Inside the bag we have a 25 litre capacity and includes a water and dust resistant cover, to protect the baggage. This bag also has pockets on both sides.

All the zips are water resistant and the bag has handles to easily carry it when we get off the bike. The bag has an additional water resistant port where we can connect or charge our electronic devices with the motorbike’s battery when riding, thanks to the additional adapter S111.



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