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Review: CARDO SCALA RIDER Qz, nowadays’ communication

Reviews and tests 26 March, 2014

We analyze...

A few years back we could not have imagined the importance that being continually connected would take on. This current need makes accessories such as the Scala Rider Qz of Cardo so important, given that they allow us to combine our moments of leisure with work.

Be it for work or for pleasure, the use of the bike is non-negotiable for most of us. Apart from being a great mobility solution in big cities, the bike represents a sensation of freedom for its users that see the bike as an instrument for letting off steam at the weekend and an ally for saving time during our stressful everyday life.

But one of the handicaps of going by bike or scooter has been the impossibility of answering the phone whilst riding. Over the last few years helmet models have emerged that already incorporate an intercom, but the

Scala Rider Qz

also provides the comfort and safety of a futuristic communication device.



allows us to make and receive calls from hands free activated mobile phones, as well as the possibility of connecting the


and the instructions come directly in our ear. Listening to music isn’t a problem either: the Scala Rider Qz of Cardo can be connected to a


music player or Smartphone via Bluetooth.

Most of the device’s functions can be configured. In this way we can adjust the noise reduction of the microphone or give priority to the telephone or GPS if we’re listening to music.

One of the most important features of the Scala Rider is that it allows us to communicate with any other intercom-whatever the make-giving it a more universal profile.

Other features

The battery of the Scala Rider Qz has 10 hours autonomy for conversation and a week’s reserve. It can be used in any helmet on the market and is designed to resist water and dust.

The CARDO Scala Rider Qz is one of the communication devices with the best quality/price ratio.


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