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Review: Cardo Scala Rider Packtalk, full communication

Reviews and tests 22 July, 2015

We analyze...

The Scala Rider represents the third generation of Cardo's intercoms that features Bluetooth and DMC technologies. This last means Dynamic Meshwork Communication and offers many ways of communication, also attending phone calls, use the radio and the GPS and listen to the music.


The main feature of this new intercom is the DMC technology, that allows us to mantain a dynamic conversation in a group up to ten bikers. On the other hand, the Bluetooth technology allows us to make and receive calls from hands free activated mobile phones, as well as the possibility of connecting the GPS and the instructions come directly in our ear. Listening to music isn’t a problem either: the Scala Rider Packtalk can be connected to a MP3 music player or other bluetooth device.

Getting back to the DMC, the packtalk allows a constant communication up to ten people. Each member can enter the group, stop the conversation or re-enter to the group. According to offer a greater communication, the device avoid to hear more than four voices at the same time. Other new feature of the DMC is that when a member is out of the device reach, it reconnects automatically with the nearest member.

The Packtalk communication’s scope is about 1,6 kilometers with the next intercom device and 5 kilometers in a group up to ten people using the intercom, always with the optimum external conditions.

The Cardo intercom allows us to connect with other intercom devices, even from other brands.


Other characteristics

The Packtalk intercom will inform us about all the functions or modes we are activating through a voice mode, but it also allows us to give the orders through the voice. We can enjoy with the AGC and VOX technologies, which will permit to change the earphones or the microphone volume.

There is another feature we strongly reccomend: to use the mobile app Cardo SmartSet App, where we can configure all the intercom’s elements very easily and intuitive.

Elements and accessories

In a Packtalk there are two kind of microphones (hybrid and cable) and pads for an optimal adaptation to our helmet.

There is a pin coupling system and another of stick. There is also a USB cable and a charger. In the Packtalk duo version, we will find each component twice.

The intercom has three buttons, very intuitive each one: the “play” one, activates the modes or functions selected. There is another with signal icon, that activates the Bluetooth system and the third one, with a phone icon, to activate phone calls. There is also a useful roller that makes very easy to navigate through the menu.

Battery and others

The battery of the Scala Rider Packtalk 13 hours autonomy for conversation and up to two months in stand-by mode. It can be used in any helmet on the market and is designed to resist water and dust.

We are in front of one of the most advanced intercom from Cardo, with many extra features which give us a complete communication and other very useful functions.




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