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Review: GIVI ST602 Tanklock

Reviews and tests 7 March, 2016

We analyze...

The Givi ST602 Tanklock is a practical 4 liter capacity tank bag that incorporates the innovative anchoring system 'Tanklock' plus the possibility to interact with our smartphone while on bike.

The Givi ST602 Tanklock is the evolution of the previous Givi model 3D603, also featuring a similar load capacity. Structurally, the tankbag is now longer but lower (17 x 29 x 24 cms) so it offers a flatter profile, making it even more ergonomic. And the Givi ST602 Tanklock is also notable for its small size, making it a handy companion for the day.

GIVI ST602 Tanklock overall view with the detachable pocket.

The bag is made of thermoformed EVA resin and has a hard shell thanks to a laminated finish in Guzy 600D polyurethane, which extend the life of the bag and protect its contents. It has reflective inserts for greater night visibility, as well handle and adjustable strap for hand or shoulder transport. The zippered closure is ready for padlock installation (although is not included).

Thanks to its design, the tankbag allows us to interact with touch screen devices.


In total, the volumetric space amounts to 4 liters, with maximum 2kg practical load, enough to carry our personal belongings, ther real purpose behind ST602 design. The single inner compartment is divided by an inner tray to accommodate glasses or loose coins. The only pocket is a handy space to install our smartphone, we can manipulate through the pocket’s transparent touch screen. This zippered pocket is located on the top of the bag, which increases the storage capacity of this Givi. If we want, our bike battery can power the mobile phone or GPS device by installing a Power Hub system (not included), which charges the battery while riding.

Inside there’re diffirent spaces to fit whatever we want plus a zippered mesh pocket.

As supplements, the Givi includes an impermeable water sheath to isolate the bag when raining plus a detachable external pocket, removable by velcro straps.
The Tanklock system
The innovative anchoring Tanklock system, patented by Givi, avoids the installation of the bag to the tank by magnets or straps because it relies on subjection by a screw washer: just install it in the mouth of the tank and you will be able to fix any bag that has the Givi Tanklock system, regardless of their load capacity. By pressing the red trigger, we unhook the tankbag allowing acces to the the tank cap to refuel without dismounting the entire system.

‘Tanklock’ system close up.

Each bike has a compatible metal adapter, we just need to the reference to get the correct one for our bike. The main advantages over other systems is that fix the bag more solidly and, crontrary to magnets systems, that can be fited in a fiber tank, plus avoid damage on credit cards’ magnetic field. You can learn more about and how to install Tanklock system in this article.

Installing the Tanklock system to the bike. The anchorage system depends on the bike’s type.

The Givi ST602 Tanklock is a really versatile bag. It can be used by those who move daily on bike but also practical for getaway weekends or long trips. Able to carry wallet, keys, glasses and mobile devices, leaves us free pockets and makes  journeys more comfortable, whether short or long ones.


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