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Review: GIVI V56 NN Maxia 4 Monokey

Reviews and tests 26 October, 2015

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The GIVI V56 NN Maxia 4 Monokey  is a practical case with a 56 liters capacity, that means enough space for two full-face helmets. It is the fourth generation of the Maxia family, which includes Givi's own Monokey system, which is both secure and practical.

Capacity and materials
Thanks to its size (60cm width, 33cm height and 48cm deep), the V56 has a 56 liters capacity, which for practical purposes it’s enough to accommodate two full-face or modular helmets.
Givi V56 Monolock baúlGeneral view of the GIVI V56 NN Maxia 4 Monokey.
The maximum load capacity is 10 kilos and Givi advises not to ride a plus than 120 km/h (100mph) when having the suitcase installed.
Outwards, the V56 NN Maxia 4 has an overlap in a carbon similar material finish along with red side reflectors on a black background finish. Furthermore, the perimeter edge is reinforced inside.
On its inside there is enough space to store up to two fullface or convertible helmets.
Under the top cover we find a removable padding, just at the base of the trunk case, and two rubber bands with a plastic clip as a fastener to fix and protect our load.
The Monokey system
The V56 NN Maxia 4 is a suitcase with the Monokey anchor system. GIVI suitcases are classified according to their type of closure: Monolock for low capacity back cases and Monokey for large capacity trunk cases and suitcases.
The suitcase closure system is easy to use: when the key is horizontal, is closed. If we turn a quarter turn clockwise, is unlocked and if we want to open it, we only need to push the “press” button. We can close the case no matter if we have the key in open or closed position. We’ll know if the suitcase is properly closed when we hear a “clack” when closing the top cover (that’s why is better to push the top cover down with one hand).

Detail of the closure system and the red button, to release the box from the Monokey adjustment system.

Finally, if we press the key softly back down when in horizontal position, then the suitcase automatically deploy a handle for an easier transportation off the bike. With the purchase of the V56 GIVI offers a second key, useful if we lose the original one or want to include in an extra set of keys.

We can carry the GIVI V56 NN Maxia 4 Monokey thanks to its handle.

To install the backcase, we’ll need GIVI’s specific Monokey anchors which are not included with the case (this anchor system is universal with any other Monokey backcase). And you can find it at Motocard.com, as is explained in our GIVI suitcases buying guide, where we show step by step how to make a purchase from our online store.
Once we have the anchors installed on the bike, now we can place the backcase thank to the three existing pivots, which fit perfectly with the space at the base of the backcase. Press until you hear the ‘clack’ that confirms its firmly anchored. And if we want to get off the backcase again, simply press the red button located below the lock and we’ll be able to the case from the anchorage. To make it easier, we can use the folding handle.

Givi V56 Monolock baúlDetail of the orifices (left) where the box is linked to the Monokey system (right).

GIVI offers a wide range of suitcases of different sizes, as well as accessories and inner bags, all available in Motocard.com.


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