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Review: Oakley Airbrake MX, next level in MX goggles

Reviews and tests 10 August, 2015

We analyze...

The Oakley Airbrake MX are the new generation of off-road goggles from the American brand. The main objective behind its design is set a new standard in riders’ vision, offering more field of view, increased endurance and improved functionality. All objectives are reached thanks to the smart and innovative design, where most of the parts are detachable and replaceable, including the lens.

The Airbrake MC structure is one of the keys that make these goggles the market’s reference. The goggles have five different elements: lens, strap holders, faceplate, foam faceplate and foams. Thanks to this chassis structure, the lens in the Airbrake is one of its external elements and the nose protector keeps better integrated inside the goggles chassis, a novelty in lenses design.
Oakley Airbrake MX overview: it’s a clean lines design.
Another key point in the Oakley Airbrake MX is the possibility of replacing the lens very easily. In both sides we find a red coloured lever that contains an inner spring. Pulling it will liberate the lens, so we can swap one for another lens in seconds -easy and fast to operate.
Lens swap mechanism close up.
And as we mentioned before, not only the lenses are interchangeable, also the chassis, lenses holders and the strap, making the Airbrake MX a very customizable and long lasting goggles.
Tear-Off and Roll-Off
The chassis design also allows the incorporation of Tear-Off and Roll-Off systems in the Airbrake MX. The first one can be installed in the lens thanks to the anchorage points in both sides. In fact, the Airbrake MX comes standard with seven tear-off sheets.
Airbrake MX tear-off anchorage point.
For muddier zones and professional riders, we can install the Roll-Off system that improve our vision form elements like mud, water, and even, snow. To install it we just need to quit the strap holders and use the space to anchor the Roll-Off system mechanism.
Made in Plutonite, is the first time Oakley uses this material in a motorbike lenses. Plutonite gives extreme impact toughness to the Airbrake MX, as it’s capable to stand up to a 160km/h (100mph) impacts form flying stones and debris. Oakley have designed such a strong lens as every year bikes are more and more powerful, stones throw by bikers to riders behind fly faster.
Oakley Airbrake MXPlutonite made lens close up: we can appreciate the lenses’ anchorage point.
Another Plutonite advantage compared to standard polycarbonate lens is a 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection. Add to this is Oakley’s ‘HD Polarized’ treatment, where the lens are vertically polarized that allows for a greater vision definition to human eye, as the light always travels horizontally.
Overall, the Airbrake MX feels very comfortable thanks to the big padding. The wide field of view is bigger than other goggles in the market. And for a rider, better vision means being faster on track. Oakley has taken care of every detail that makes the difference in the competitive racing world, for this reason the strap have silicon on the inner face to improve goggles adherence to the helmet.
Close up of strap inner face, with silicone bands for a better grip.
Putting together all these elements is easy to understand why the Oakley Airbrake MX are the new reference in off-road goggles and the chose of top class riders like Ryan Villapoto, Jeffrey Herlings or Ryan Dungey. Airbrake MX is a Premium product that leads the way in the goggles segment.

Oakley sells the Airbrake MX in a wide range of colours.


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