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Review: Asterisk Ultra Cell Strap 2016

Reviews and tests 4 November, 2015

We analyze...

The Asterisk Ultra Cell Strap are the most advanced knee guards on the market thanks to be designed not only to protect form impacts but also thinking on knee ergonomics and leg freedom of movement. And for 2016 come with a completely renewed kneecap.

Construction and materials

The Ultra Cell Knee main chassis is called ACM (Anatomical Carbon Matrix). The material used in the redesigned brace is a mixed fiber compound that combines carbon fiber composite with epoxy resins. It features two rigid braces and a kneecap protector comprised by three telescoping elements; all joined by a complex flex mechanism. The whole system is very light and has an asymmetrical design that allows the knee guard follow the knee natural movement and also permits the chassis automatically align with our tibia.

Asterisk Ultra Cell Strap lateral view.

The chassis and Velcro fasteners have padding on the inside face. The structure features also two rigid plastic knee braces (one upper and one lower) reinforced with stainless steel inner rings and thermoformed foam padding on the inside that helps the absorbation of impacts. All these materials are waterproof and non-corrosive. If we we want to clean the knee guard, Asterisk recommends hand washing without using bleach and air drying.
The Asterisk Ultra Cell Strap feature a combination of double velcro strips with screws for adjustment. Velcro strips offer the correct adaptation to the knee anatomy while, tightening the screws, we can customize the overall adjustment to the natural movement of our knee. The anatomical design of the knee guard is designed to provide security without sacrificing flexibility, and therefore the Asterisk Ultra Cell Strap allow the regulation of the knee flexing angle from 0 to 30 degrees, so we can adjust the travel of the kneewcap telescopic mechanism.

The Velcro straps are the first of the adjustment elements featured on the knee guanrds.

A point where Asterisk Ultra Cell Strap differ from other knee guards resides in its anti-torque anchor system. It’s a belt with a plastic buckle, intended to be worn outside the pants, with a metal hook at the end that is attached to the boot. Thus we have the possibility to connect the boot to the knee, preventing any independent from the feet knee twisting motion, increasing the overall integral protection.
Installation and accessories
For proper installation of the knee, Asterisk provides two different sizes Allen keys that fit the differents screws scattered along the knee guard (six per knee), overyone marked with an “adjust here” sticker.

Adjusting this screw we can modify the flexing angle of the knee guard.

Asterisk also inlcudes  a pair of under sleeves with the Ultra Cell Strap, perfect to wear under the knee to avoid skin friction and also prevent the accumulation of sweat and moisture. The sleeves’ size corresponds the size of the knee purchased.

Asterisk includes under sleeves, a screwdriver and an Allen key for an optimal knee guard ajustement.

One knee guard, thousand applications
The Asterisk Ultra Cell Strap are a unique product. His elaborate technology highlights the balance between stiffness and freedom of movement. These knee guards are perfect for off-road racing, motocross included, but its design is so good that we can use it in other extreme sports where our knees may suffer, like skiing, snowboarding, BMX, snowcross, skate…

Once adjusted, we can see the high level of protection offered by the Asterisk Ultra Cell Strap.

Many AMA Supercross and Motocross champions have been equipped with these knee to avoid major injuries. Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Chad Reed are some of these riders, but the brand also features famous athletes in extreme skiing or snowboarding, proof of the versatility of these Asterisk Ultra Cell Strap.



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