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Review: Dainese D-Air, this is how the motorcycle airbag works

Reviews and tests 1 October, 2018

We analyze...

Special post because we're going to talk about the Dainese D-Air, the brand's airbag system. We will explain how it works, if it can be used more than once, the types that are there, in which clothes you can find the airbag in the Dainese catalog and much more. So stay, there's a lot to tell and very interesting.

How does the Dainese D-Air work?

Very simple: The Dainese D-Air airbag is an air padding that is inflated by gas cartridges and that is activated according to the control unit that detects if the accelerations that we suffer are due to fault or not from an accident or fall.

Dainese D-AirImage of the Dainese D-Air airbag control unit.

Remember that the airbag reduces up to 90% the energy we receive in an impact compared to Level 2 protections, which are the best in the market. So the chances of injury or fracture decrease markedly.

What makes the Dainese D-Air unique?

Well, it is an airbag integrated in the jacket or in the suit. The air padding, the gas cartridges and the sensor control unit go inside. It is not a vest or anything similar that you have to buy and install separately, so when you buy the jacket or suit comes completely standard and ready to use.

Dainese D-AirJacket closure, including the Dainese D-Air airbag system, ready for use.

When we fasten the jacket or close the suit, there is a magnetized area that makes contact and pre-activates the airbag. A blue light comes on as it is ready and, when the control unit detects that we are moving, the airbag activates starting to register our activity in case it detects that it should start working.

Dainese D-AirDetail of the magnet to activate the Dainese D-Air airbag.

On the outside it does not seem that inside it can house an airbag and nevertheless, inside we find the padding.

Dainese CycloneIt does not give the feeling at all to carry an airbag inside.

It should be mentioned that Dainese was the original company that developed the motorcycle airbag. Therefore we find many original and unique solutions in the D-air, such as the switchboard, which works by GPS, so the data of a fall are also recorded on the satellite at the headquarters of Dainese and thus can improve this technology with the information received.

D-Air types

There are two types of D-air airbag: the D-air Racing for use in circuit and the D-air Street for road. Let’s quickly see the differences between the two.

The D-air Racing comes mounted on two suits of the brand: the Mugello R D-air and the Misano D-air. In both models, the airbag is placed in the area of ​​the aerodynamic hump, but without occupying the space of the camelbak and is activated in falls from 50 km/h. The control unit works with lithium battery, with a range of five hours. More or less, it takes about two hours to fully charge. Think that the D-air is not removable, so it is not necessary to remove the battery: there is a cable that comes out of the hump to recharge it.

But in addition, the D-air Racing has another USB cable to download all the information it has stored as a telemetry. When you buy one of these suits, a CD comes with the information of all the circuits in the world, so when you download it, you can see all the acceleration data, inclination data, etc. on your computer… a personal telemetry. It is an exclusive tool of the D-air Racing.

Let’s go to D-air Street, the street version. This version comes standard with the Misano D-air jackets (leather, sports), Cyclone D-air (touring, with Gore-Tex) and Continental D-air (urban, with Gore-Tex).

The peculiarity of this version is that it is integrated into the Pro-Armor back protector, which (attention, comes as standard) and activates in falls from 10 km/h. So, when we bought the jacket, we bought it with back protector and airbag as standard: better protected, impossible. Also mention that the autonomy of D-air Street is greater: the lithium battery has a range of up to 24 hours with a recharge time of two hours.

Pro-ArmorThe Pro-Armor back protector is included.

What happens if the Dainese D-Air jumps?

First, that the inflated airbag lasts a minute, more than enough time in an accident. Then little by little it is deflated, which, if there has been no serious setback, we can continue. It must be said that it does not damage the jacket or suit, since both the airbag and the jacket or suit can be reused.

Dainese D-AirPhoto of Dainese D-Air airbag activated.

How is it recharged?

One of the big questions. As the airbag is integrated into the garment, we can not do it: we have to send it to the headquarters, where they will recharge for 229€ a jacket and 299€ for the suit. Also, if the jacket is damaged by the blow or drag, you can also repair it there.


The truth is that the D-air system is very complete and we could talk about a lot of other features. This post is just a quick summary for you to see the D-air range and how it works, but we recommend you to inform yourself with the product sheets you will find on the web; we will be uploading information from Dainese D-Air as more products arrive.


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