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Review: Dainese Gilet Spine, protects your back

Reviews and tests 22 June, 2016

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The vest protector Dainese Gilet Spine is an ergonomic back protector that offers the ventilation we need when we ride the motorbike. This product is independent, so we can use it on different motorbike or urban equipment, with the protection we need on the back.


As we can see at a first sight, the Dainese Gilet Spine back protector is a vest. That is its main difference: we can use it as a one more piece of equipment, instead of wearing it through belts or suspenders. The mesh is elastic and microperforated and it features a zipper as a main closure. We can use a belt as an additional subjection element that can be removed if we want through two Velcro unions.

Front view (left) and back view (right) of the vest back protector Dainese Gilet Spine.


The structure of the protector are five rigid sheets made with propylene, with a curved shape and microperforated to optmise its ventilations. There are union points that work very similar to an armadillos’ shell. According to this, we can enjoy both the maximum protection on the area and flexibility when riding the bike.

The Gilet Spine also has an internal core named Crash Absorb, with a Nidaplast alveolar structure. That means we have a product very light and also very resistant to the impacts, thanks to this structure, which is capable of dispersing the energy in an event of an impact. On the internal side we find a 3D mesh, designed for an optimal ventilation.

View of the protector’s internal textile.


There is also an extra silicone band on the internal lowest area, according to fix the vest to the equipment. Thanks to this, the protector fits perfectly to our back and it does not move when riding.

Detail of the silicone band, placed on the internal lowest area of the vest (left) and the microperforated textile of the vest (right).

The Dainese Gilet Spine protector has the CE homologations as motorcyclist equipment and the brand offers a three-year warranty. There are different protector sizes and vest sizes, so the Gilet Spine could fit to our body perfectly.

Detail of the protector’s finishes on the upper area (left) and the lowest one (right).

With the Dainese Gilet Spine protector we can use a back protector on all the motorbike and urban jackets we have, because the most important is being well protected at any time.


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