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Review: New Motorcycle airbag: Dainese has released an airbag vest called Smart Jacket

Reviews and tests 19 June, 2019

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We show you the new Dainese Smart Jacket, the first airbag vest compatible with all jackets on the market. How does it work? How much does it cost? Keep reading.

EXCLUSIVE! HEADLINE! BOMBSHELL! We’re going to be more sensationalist that the gossip magazines because we are the first to bring you the review of the Dainese Smart Jacket. What is it? What’s special about it? Well it’s the first independent airbag vest that Dainese has made…and it’s going to revolutionise the market. We’ll tell you why in this post!

Well, you’ll be asking what makes this airbag different to the others on the market. Two reasons: it’s the first independent Dainese airbag gilet and, two, thanks to its design and technology, it’s going to change your vision of airbag vests.

The Dainese D-Air airbag in gilet format

To understand the revolution that is the Smart Jacket, we basically want you to know a couple of things. Dainese was the pioneer brand, the ones that first implanted an airbag into motorcycle gear. But to date, you had to buy a jacket or suit adapted to the D-Air airbag (for example, the Cyclone D-Air Gore Tex jacket or the Misano Racing D-Air suit). You couldn’t buy a D-Air airbag separately and install it in any old jacket.

Well, here come the headlines: with the Smart Jacket you can wear the D-Air airbag without having to buy an adapted Dainese jacket. What’s more: you don’t even need for your jacket to be Dainese. It’s a universal vest.

Dainese Smart Jacket: universal airbag gilet

And you’ll say: but these types of gilets already exist, those that you can install in any jacket. And we’d say yes, but, with the Smart Jacket you’ll have Dainese’s “Gold standard” technology. Normally these gilets usually go with more basic systems, like a cable linked to the bike’s chassis. A fairly rudimentary system as it activates the airbag when we fall and pull the cable. Whereas the Smart Jacket has the entire pack of smart sensors that a normal D-Air has, the same as those used in MotoGP race suits.

This means that the central control that activates the airbag is the best on the market; we already told you how this accident detection system works in the post we made about the D-Air that you can find in the blog. It protects us against falls of all sorts, be they highsides or lowsides and also against frontal and lateral collisions or when that vehicle hits as at any of the 360°.

You need to know that the detection and inflating time of this system is milliseconds. Thanks to the gyroscope, GPS, accelerometer and other gadgets programmed with super complicated algorithms that we mere mortals don’t understand, the airbag always inflates before you receive the impact.

Features of the Dainese Smart Jacket airbag

And all this fits in this gilet, which you can wear underneath, but also on top. As you can see, aesthetically it’s not at all bad compared to other airbags. It’s doesn’t look bad worn outside (let’s see, it’s not a Hugo Boss Blazer, but it’s not bad) Also, it’s ventilated, which is appreciated in summer. It’s light and you can fold it up and place it in the case or any backpack. See, it’s very handy for everything, from long journeys to even commuting to work.

As regards weight, the truth is it doesn’t weigh very much. Seeing as it has a central unit and a battery incorporated, the weight is ok. All the fabric is microfilamented, very light and cool, as there are areas with perforated fabric. The padding construction on the back is in the form of mesh, for better moisture wicking.

As you can seem the airbag cushion are these straps that we find on the chest, shoulders and back, that are not at all bulky. The compressed gas cartridges that inflate these cushions are in the kidney region and the battery and central unit are on the lower part of the back.

How does the Dainese Smart Jacket airbag work?

Well, how does this system work? Once you buy the gilet, you just have to download the D-Air App on your computer (available at the Dainese website) and register yourself there. Basically, this serves to activate the airbag; to do so it’s enough to connect the gilet to the computer via the USB cable included and follow the instructions. Don’t worry about it as you only have to do it the first time. Once everything is registered, the airbag will be ready to go.

And how do I know if it’s working? Simple: when you do up this button in the collar, the airbag is activated. Pling! This little light comes on in this area and that’s it. Bear in mind that the airbag will go off if we ride at a minimum speed of 10 km/h.

Dainese Smart Jacket Airbag price

And the big question that I’m sure you’re asking: How much is it? The starting price is just under 600€ and we’re going to put it into context: any gilet currently on the market costs this or more. And we’re talking about gilets with much less advanced systems. So it’s not at all bad. Obviously, once used there’s a repair cost to reload the cartridges, but that is the same for all good airbags. The reload cost in the event of a fall is of 250€.


Anyway, We’ll not go on. We believe that the Smart Jacket could revolutionise the airbag market. Practical, simple, affordable within reason…. If we had to write a headline it would be that Dainese wants to democratizer the airbag for everyone with the Smart Jacket. Tell us what you think of this garment concept: Is it the future of the market? We’ll be waiting for your opinion in the comments section!

By the way, it’s not available yet: we are the first people in the whole world to have it!!


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