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Review: Asterisk Ultra Cell protection

Reviews and tests 16 October, 2017

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The most technologically-advanced Knee Protection System available presents the new model with the Boa closure system. Its structure and the revolutionary design concepts make the Ultra Cell to be totally adjustable knee guards, able to provide a perfect balance between stiffness and freedom of movement.

Construction and materials

The chassis is anatomically designed, very rigid and light, made of carbon fiber. The knee protection has an asymmetrical design that allows for natural knee movement and automatic tibial alignment with the lower chassis.

To gain comfort, both the chassis and the Velcro that holds the knee have quilts on the inner side and all areas in contact with the skin have been padded. In addition, most paddings are removable and easy to clean.

Asterisk Ultra Cell 2018Image of the set of the new protection Asterisk Ultra Cell 2018.


It is necessary to emphasize the anti-torsion system, thought to join the knee brace with the boot and to function as a single unit.

The front protection, the most important of all, consists of three elements made of Nylon 6 that perfectly follow the movement, offering full protection in any position. The elements are easily replaceable and are padded in thermoformed foam to gain comfort.

Asterisk Ultra Cell 2018Detailed image of the most important parts that make up the Asterisk Ultra Cell knee protection.



The knee protection has a system called A.R.C (Adjustable Retention Control). This allows a perfect adjustment of the knee and achieves a perfect balance between stiffness and freedom of movement. On the side of the knee we find a rigid support that prevents torsion.

Asterisk Ultra Cell 2018In the two upper images we can see that the Asterisk Ultra Cell adapts perfectly to the leg.

To gain even more in protection, the knee protection incorporates stainless steel retention straps and padded in heat-formed EV50 foam, offering optimum shock absorption.


But where we find the big difference from the previous model is in the new system of closure, which offers a precise, durable and secure fit. This Boa closure is very practical, quick and easy to use: just push it to activate it, turn it to tighten it and pull it out to unbuckle it.

Asterisk Ultra Cell 2018The Boa closure is the most important novelty compared to the previous model.

Installation and accessories

For the installation of the knee protection we must use the two Allen keys (of different sizes) to correctly adjust the different screws that are distributed by each of the components of the knee protection. In addition, they are marked with a sticker (“adjust here”).

Asterisk Ultra Cell 2018The labels ‘adjust here’ indicate where to use the Allen wrenches to adjust the knee protection.

Other details

The Asterisk Ultra Cell includes breathable soft mesh fabrics to wear underneath the knee protections, thus avoiding any kind of scratching and avoiding the buildup of sweat and moisture on the knee.

Asterisk Ultra Cell 2018The inner part of the knee protection is completely padded. Comfort is increased considerably.

In short, with the new Ultra Cell, Asterisk has gone a step further as far as off-road material is concerned. A knee protections of the highest level for use with your off-road bike.


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