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Review: Alpinestars C1 Windstopper gloves, the city is yours!

2 November, 2015

We analyze...

The Alpinestars C1 Windstopper are the most popular urban gloves for motorbike or scooter. Its features are an excellent comfort, a good protection and the Windstopper layer, all these with discrete lines and an affordable price. And for the upcoming 2016 these gloves come with an improved and renovated design.

Construction and materials

The Alpinestars C1 Windstopper gloves are made with textile material (Nylon) and a Windstopper layer on its inside. On the palm of the glove we find leather that optimizes the touch, offering resistance to the wear and in an event of a fall.

As we told before, these gloves feature Windstopper technology. This layer has been developed by the German brand Gore, the same constructor of the well-known Gore-Tex fabric. This Windstopper layer has been designed to isolate the inside of the glove from the external weather, like wind os low temperatures. This layer is not waterproof but water resistant. That means the gloves can stand a thin rain when riding on motorbie but will not a heavy or continous rain. However, these gloves are a good alternative during Autumn or Spring, or even Winter periods on urban environments.


The Alpinestars C1 Windstopper have EVA foam on the fingers’ outside as protectors with 3mm. wider and also the leather area found in the palm mentioned before. But we also find a knuckles protector, placed inside the external textile.

Ergonomics and details

A main feature of these gloves is their smooth touch, offering sensitivity in all conditions, even when we need to manage the gas, the brakes, the clutch or the dashboard. Their aesthetic is elegant, so we can combine these gloves with daily clothes. We also find functional details, like the index finger, with a leather finish, offering the ability of managing touchscreens, avoiding the action of take the gloves off.

With the C1 Windstopper, Alpinestars offers a pair of gloves at affordable price which are a smart solution for those who need the bike or the scooter for a daily use and do not want to sacrifice the urban dress style just because of the vehicle they ride. With them, we get autonomy, lightness and touch.

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