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Cardo Scala Rider Freecom 1+, 2+ and 4+, which intercom is right for you?

Shopping guides 20 May, 2019

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Intercom, yes or no? Good question huh? The truth is that if you get the right intercom, there’s no looking back and you’ll always want it with you. That’s a fact, why? Because it makes your life easier especially when you`re on long journeys.

Having said that, on the table we have the brand new Cardo Scala Rider Intercoms 1+, 2+ y 4+, a new and interesting generation of intercoms to take into account and with interesting improvements that we’ll explain in this post.

Well played Cardo with these Scala Rider Freecom 1+, 2+ y 4+ Intercoms as they have improved their intercom family by introducing high range features inherited from the previous generation.

Scala Rider Freecom 1+

For example, the Freecom 1+, the evolution of one of the bestselling intercoms of the brand, now allows for the rider-pillion intercom mode that before was found in the Freecom 2.

Also, we have the hands free option, we can play music from our phone, we have automatic volume adjustment according to the conditions of the surroundings, etc. Just what you’d expect from an intercom like this. Also, it has IP67 water resistance, which basically means that it’s water resistant. All these features can be found in the 3 intercoms we have on the table.

In the box for each of the 3, we have practically the same accessories as the previous generation which allow us to adapt these intercoms to any helmet as they are universal. For example, we have two types of microphone to adapt to your helmet (whether it’s modular or not), just like the pads that allow us to fit to any type of helmet, etc.

By the way, if you have any doubts as to how to install this type of intercom, in the blog there’s a post where we explain how to install these intercoms in simple steps.

Scala Rider Freecom 2+

As regards the Freecom 2+ you’ll find the same play as for the 1+: in this case we have some features inherited from the Freecom 4 of the previous generation, which, for example, allow the motorcycle to motorcycle mode of up to 500m distance.

Apart from all this, we can also use the pillion intercom mode, we can communicate with any other intercom, hands free mode, music player via the phone, GPS instruction receptor, etc.

Scala Rider Freecom 4+

But what has certainly caught your attention is the new Freecom 4+. It’s that, apart from the new features, it also has undergone a through design renovation.

A dial has been introduced to facilitate its use on the go. And the fact is that we feel it’s a good move. It works extremely well and it is very easy to operate with your bike gloves on. Basically, this dial allows us to scroll through the menus, lower, raise the volume, etc.

Another great novelty is the introduction of the “Natural Voice” system with voice recognition allowing us to operate the intercom with voice commands thus not having to release the controls of the bike at any point.

To operate, you just have to say: “Hey, Cardo”. Yes, we have to call it Cardo… The “Natural Voice” system is a technological innovation that allows control commands simply by voice, in the same way as Siri or Google Assistant, this system allows among others to turn on / off the radio, increase / decrease the volume , activate / stop the music, answer / ignore a call. Discover all the possibilities of voice commands in the user manual (3.3 Voice commands).

Jokes aside, with this function we can turn on the radio, switch it off, adjust the volume, listen to music from our phone, play the next song, call telephone numbers that are pre-set in the App and, above all, access Siri and Google Assistant. To do so, you just have to operate it as usual.

Here’s a link in the description with everything we can do with the “Natural Voice” function.

Regarding improvements, they’ve also introduced a series of JBL speakers that until now where an upgrade that you had to buy separately. And the sound quality has improved notably. Another good move from Cardo.

How to pair the Cardo Scala Rider Freecom 4+ Intercom with our phone

To switch on the central unit, press the Play and Call button at the same time.

Press the button with the call icon for about 5 seconds. When the LED light blinks red and blue, this means that the central unit is in pairing mode. Activate the Bluetooth connection and search for the Intercom in the menu’s device list.

Select it. If it asks for a PIN, enter 4 zeros. And that’s it. As of this moment, we can configure this intercom form the App on our phone.

How to pair a second device

If the Intercom allows it, we can pair a second device. To this end, we must repeat the operation: press the call button for 5 seconds. This time, the intercom will emit a blinking light in red and green, press the call button two more times , search for the Intercom on the list of Bluetooth devices in our phone and that’s it.

How to pair the GPS with the Cardo Scala Rider Freecom + Intercom

If you want to pair a GPS to listen to the instructions, simply turn the dial to the left after pressing the call button twice. If the light blinks slowly, we just have to go to the GPS and select the Intercom on the list of Bluetooth devices.


Here’s the conclusion. As we have stated, we feel the brand has made a very good move introducing some features that until now were only seen in the higher end models. This is especially appreciated in the Freecom1+ y 2+, Intercoms with a superb quality-price ratio con and that are compatible with practically all full face and modular helmets on the market.


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