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10 gift ideas for bikers on Christmas

Shopping guides 8 December, 2014

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The Christmas holidays are just around the corner and we have to start thinking about gifts to please our family and friends. That’s why, this week at Motocard we want to help you write your letter to Santa with this selection of products.

Kiddi Moto

The Kiddi Moto is a fun, wooden, mini motorbike, perfect for the little ones that are just starting out on two wheels. They can easily plant their feet on the ground at any moment, but at the same time it is a very useful tool for them to start gaining balance and motor skills. In fact, with good training, the most skilled will be able to skip the intermediate step of training wheels when they get on their first bicycle. Also, it is the type of present that even grown ups will be jealous of: pure fun.

The Kiddi Moto is a product designed for the youngest of the household 


As you can see, the Kiddimoto comes in Marc Márquez’s colours and it is not the only gift of the MotoGp twice champion that we can give this Christmas. At Motocard we have an ample selection of Merchandising from the world of two wheels and from the genius of Cervera. Depending on your budget, we can opt for the 93 cap, with the signature embroidered on the visor or a T-shirt with the colours and logo of the MotoGp World Champion.

And if there’s a Rossi fan in the family, they won’t be left without a gift either, because if there is a MotoGp racer that heads the list of most T-Shirts sold, that would be The Doctor. An example is this 46 cap, with the logo of the all time best racer and of Yamaha Factory Racing.

Detail of the Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi caps

But, if you are someone who likes practical, everyday products, we have two backpacks for you. The first is a Munich backpack with Marc Marquez’s characteristic 93. It’s a backpack devised for everyday use, with excellent finishes and with the logos of Marc Marquez’s jersey and his characteristic ant.

Detail of the Munich backpack with the logos of Marc Marquez

The second is an Ogio waterproof backpack Waterproof, it will keep all your possessions safe; even electronic items, such as telephones, tablets and laptops (it has specific pockets for them) so that you can use your bike everyday in winter. It has various adjustment straps as well as different inner compartments.

Front and rear views of the waterproof Ogio backpack


And of course, for off-road fans, winter is a brutal time to splash your rivals with mud…but if they do the same to you, you better be wearing some good goggles, such as the Fox AIRSPC, with all the quality of a gold standard brand in the off-road segment.

General view of the Fox AIRSPC off-road goggles

Or we also have Motocross gloves such as these Alpinestars Racer, the brand’s latest that include the best materials for perfect feel and grip under any situation.

Detail of the Alpinestars Racer off-road gloves


If you’re reading this blog, it’s because there’s probably a biker at home. And there’s nothing better than the gift of safety. The AGV K3 SV helmet is a very versatile product, designed for everyday use. It has a built in solar visor and has a great quality-price ratio. Also, the K3 SV comes in a wide range of different designs. All you have to do is enter Motocard.com and chose the one you like best!

GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition

And we’ve left the best for last! The new GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition, the first camera of its segment able to provide an image quality similar to that of a professional camera, with a processor that’s twice as powerful as its predecessor.

Apart from the improved quality, the Hero 4 Black has many improvements in audio, usability and wire less connectivity with other devises.

As regards photos, this GoPro can take 12 Megapixel photos and automatic burst photos at intervals of between half a second and 60 seconds, in order to capture the best moments, even when the camera button is out of reach. 

With the GoPro, take a step forward and immortalise your best moments with the best quality.

Different views of the new GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition

We hope that this Christmas will be as bike orientated as possible and remember: if one of your presents is not your size, you can exchange it in our shops with the ticket or receipt. If you buy on our web, do not hesitate to consult customer services about any doubts you may have.


Happy Holidays!


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