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Gore-Tex, these are the alternatives

Shopping guides 12 November, 2018

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Having a good jacket, boots, pants and gloves with a Gore-Tex membrane will allow us to circulate in winter and rain with the maximum guarantees, but what are the alternatives to Gore-tex? We tell you in this post.

Gore-tex, Drystar, D-Dry, H2Out… are all names of waterproof membranes. Surely you sound because many products incorporate these names, as if it were his last name: from jackets to gloves, pants, boots… practically we can equip ourselves from head to toe with garments that have a waterproof membrane.

Waterproof jacket, which one I choose?

The most popular and the one that surely comes to mind is Gore-Tex, of which we will talk a little more in detail, but there are many more: Drystar is the membrane developed by Alpinestars. We find this membrane in the Alpinestars Yaguara Drystar. Dainese has done the same with the D-Dry, as we can see, for example, in the sports jacket Racing 3 D-Dry. Bering has the BW2 Tech fabric, present in the Bering Primo-R jacket, Spidi the H2Out, which we find in the Spidi Traveler 2 and Tucano has the Hydryscout, which we have in the Urbis 5G jacket. In addition, there are other manufacturers who prefer to use membranes from other specialized brands, such as Belstaff that relies on Miporex, as it is in the case of the Belstaff Classic Tourist Trophy jacket.

gore-texThe Gore-Tex is the membrane that offers the best insulation against cold and rain on the market.

Regardless of the name, all these membranes have the same function: to prevent wetting, preventing liquid particles from seeping through the fabric. How do we know this? Well, because there is a waterproofing index that helps determine if a membrane works in the rain.

This index is measured in millimeters. We don’t want to put technicians on how these values ​​are obtained, what you need to know is basically that this value in millimeters should be 5.000 mm or higher; underneath it will not guarantee us to stay dry. A fact that, for example, we see in the lapel of the Alpinestars Yaguara Drystar.

Alpinestars Yaguara DrystarDetail of the flap of the Alpinestars Yaguara Drystar, where all the characteristics of the membrane are appreciated.

But beware, a good waterproof membrane should also protect us from the cold, thanks to its windproof effect, and, above all: it must also perspire. This means that you must let the sweat out (in the form of steam) so that you do not have the feeling of being stuck in a plastic bag.

It is like a magic fabric: it prevents the passage of water, protects from the air and ventilates the skin.

waterproof membraneImage where we can appreciate the insulation offered by a waterproof membrane, preventing water from getting inside the fabric.

And a Motocard tip: the number 1 enemy of waterproof membranes is the softener and follows the manufacturer’s instructions. You will avoid problems.

Gore-tex, the reference brand

The big question that you are surely asking yourself: which is better? Gore-Tex is the reference brand. Currently, it is still the champion of protection against rain and the one with the best waterproof values, reaching 10.000, 20.000 or even 45.000 mm of water resistance, and also a very high transpiration. In addition, it is the membrane that has a longer lifespan.

In addition, Gore-Tex has different types of membrane: two-layer, three, the compact X-trafit for gloves…

Dainese Carve MasterThe Dainese Carve Master Gore-Tex is a jacket designed for cold climates and long routes.

Know that when you buy a garment with Gore-Tex you are getting the best… but of course, this carries a price. You should scratch your pocket. It is a Premium fabric and models with Gore-Tex membrane are usually top of the range products. For example, the Carve Master 2 jacket from Dainese, the best of the brand in this area.

Alternatives to Gore-tex

But there are other alternatives, all of them very valid. Of course, considering your needs and budget. To reach all audiences and a broad catalog and we can all have a waterproof, the major manufacturers have their own membranes or developed jointly with other manufacturers: Drystar, D-Dry, BW2 Tech, H2Out and the Miporex membrane that Belstaff uses.

Belstaff Classic Tourist TrophyThe Belstaff Classic Tourist Trophy is a very elegant and perfect jacket for the whole year.

The important thing to know is that all the products with membrane that you will find in Motocard have the aforementioned 5,000 mm index necessary to avoid getting wet.

What membrane do I buy?

Now that we know all this, there comes another big question: which one do I buy? Everything depends on the area where you live and the kilometers you are going to travel. It’s that simple and even sometimes difficult to decide given the great offer we have available.

For example, if you are looking for a jacket in a temperate climate, a waterproof membrane that meets the ‘waterproof’ standard can help you. In areas where it is not usual that it rains or there is fog or that we find frosts in winter. As in a coastal area, for example. Also to go from work to home or weekend getaways is more than valid.

Dainese Racing 3 D-DryImage of the Dainese Racing 3 D-Dry, ideal for temperate zones.

But if you are looking for clothes to travel to extreme areas or you really live in a mountain area or where rain and snow are very common, maybe you need the Gore-Tex. In addition, they are garments that usually have sealed seams, generous flaps and better insulation. The investment is worth it and you will notice it.


As we say at the end is a matter of knowing the environment in which we move, we must count on that any of the membranes fulfills its purpose (and with a note!), but our needs will mark the type of product we need. The brands have identified that there are users who need top-of-the-range equipment but without the Gore-Tex plus since they do not live in an area where that extra protection is necessary and thus avoid an extra cost. For this reason they have built their product ranges with various membrane-performance combinations, allowing each one, who knows where and how it circulates, to choose what best suits their needs.

waterproof membranesEach brand uses its own membrane, the one that best suits the characteristics of the jacket.

We already know that this topic of the membranes is extensive and we all have tricks to avoid getting wet on a motorcycle, so we encourage you to write your opinion, a comment or questions here.

Finally, the material we have used in this post has been the following: the Dainese Carve Master 2 Gore-Tex, the Dainese Racing 3 D-Dry, the Alpinestars Yaguara Drystar, the Spidi Traveler 2, the Belstaff Classic Tourist Trophy, Bering Primo-R, the Tucano Urbis 5G and the Gore-tex Xtrafit gloves.


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