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The 10 best Motocard sales

Shopping guides 1 July, 2019

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In this post we will make a quick review of the best discounts we have in Motocard. There are of all types and budgets. Discover them!

Summer comes and as usual, in the channel we want to give you a brief review of the best discounts. A very good opportunity to renew your motorcycle equipment. We have boots, gloves, jackets, helmets and much more. A lot of sales for all kinds of pockets and budgets that you have available until the end of July. This may interest you.

Alpinestars Faster-2

We started this ranking with the motorcycle shoes Alpinestars Faster-2, the second generation of a best selling boots, ideal for the city but also for occasional weekend routes. They have a very aggressive design and are super comfortable. We assure you.

Dainese Pomice72

To combine with these motorcycle shoes we have selected the Dainese Pomice72, a stretch jeans. A trousers for the urban user, custom that does not renounce to have a pair of jeans with removable Pro-Armor protections on the knees and reflective inserts to be more visible. Also very comfortable, ideal for day to day. They are for less than € 100.

Gore-Tex Patron

The summer sales are a good time to get a better price for the winter. We have selected the Alpinestars Patron Gore-Tex jacket, a touring jacket for the most travelers, high-end, with the famous waterproof membrane, removable thermal lining and guarantees protections on elbows and shoulders. In addition, it also has a lot of pockets, adjustable cuffs, etc. Everything you need to get to the end of the world with it.

Dainese Jade Gore-Tex Lady

For the most touring biker we have also selected a jacket with Gore-Tex membrane, the Dainese Jade Gore-Tex Lady, with a very comfortable woman pattern, with high quality fabric and with soft Pro-Shape protections on shoulders and elbows. It is also very low, almost 50%. A very good purchase if you are spirit touring.

Dainese Air Hero

We return to the summer with the gloves Dainese Air Hero, ventilated short cane, made of cowhide and mesh fabric with polyurethane protection on the knuckles and super comfortable. We have included them in the ranking of the best motorcycle gloves for summer. Gloves for high temperatures. They have a great discount.

Alpinestars SMX-2 Air Carbon V2

Other ventilated gloves, ideal for summer are the Alpinestars SMX-2 Air Carbon V2, sporty gloves made of goat leather and 3D technical mesh with a carbon protector on the knuckles, as the name says. A great glove to keep in mind for the hottest days.

We take out the heavy artillery because we are going with several motorcycle helmets, all of them very interesting, some of which have demolition prices. They are helmets of the sport-touring segment, very versatile. We like so much. And all of them with fiber outer shell and double buckle closure. Some more sport, others more touring.

Shark Spartan 1.2. Replica Lorenzo Monster

We have selected the Shark Spartan Replica Lorenzo 1.2., Very elegant, very comfortable, with the guarantee of the French manufacturer and that you now have available with a big discount in this Lorenzo Monster graphic. You have the full review in this article.

AGV Veloce S

On the other hand, we have the AGV Veloce S, with outer shell made of a combination of carbon, aramid and fiberglass and with an unmistakable sports spirit. And in addition, you have it available in the mythical graphic Soleluna de Rossi.

Scorpion Exo-710 Air

To close this section of the sport-touring helmets, we have selected the Scorpion Exo-710 Air, a very versatile helmet, very light, very comfortable and that you have available for less than € 200.

Airoh Aviator helmet 2.2.

We changed the theme because for the most off-road users we chose the Airoh Aviator 2.2 helmet, with a beautiful graphic by Tony Cairoli. It’s generation 2.2., (We recently did the review of 2.3.), But it’s still one of the best off-road helmets you can buy today.

And to complement it, well what better with the equipment Fox 180 2019, a best-selling gear for all types of bikers off-road.

Motegi SE jacket

And to finish this ranking, know that you have a good discount on the Alpinestars Motegi SE jacket, a leather jacket with guarantees, versatile and with height protections. A very good jacket that you have with a great discount.


This is our selection. As we said at the beginning, it’s a great opportunity to get good equipment at a great price. You see we have a lot to choose from and for all tastes and budgets.


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