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Alpinestars Nucleon protectors range

Shopping guides 8 April, 2015

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The Alpinestars Nucleon protector range represents the last step reached by the Italian manufacturer in back and chest protectors. These elements feature a certified Level 2 protection and have been designed both for the track and the road. Let's have a look at them!

Level 2

All Nucleon protections are classified inside the CE Level 2 standards. This means that have passed the European quality test, a world reference in homologation systems, requiring that the average peak force recorded below the anvil in the test shall be below the 9 kiloNewtons and no single value shall exceed 12 kN.

This means that the Level 2 protectors allows ride on track and are homologated even for racing, giving a higher degree of performance and security than the Level 1 protectors.


The KR-R back protector features include waist adjustement for customized fit, a snap-on system to fix the protector to a jacket or a suit and a slim vented kidney belt. This protector offers great on bike flexibility.

One of the primary Nucleon features is a flexible anatomical design, thanks to a hybrid construction of hard shell and energy absorbing viscoelastic memory foam, optimised for added security. Alpinestars have created a complete range of protectors in order to give the users different choices to wear, allowing different riding styles. Let’s take a detailed look:  

Nucleon back protectors

Alpinestars offers three diferent Nucleon back protectors with kidney belt: KR-R, KR-1 y KR-2. Each back protector features quick release straps and a big Velcro opening for the kidney belt. Fabrics are made of highly flexible materials and are pleasant to the touch.


The KR-1 is a sporty back protector, with kidney belt and straps for a better fit.

Also in the back protectors range there are the two back inserts: KR-1i and KR-2i. “i” stands for insert, this means that are back protectors that go inside a jacket or a suit. This allows that we can have Nucleon Level 2 protection in two different ways: attached to our back or inside the jacket or suit if we prefer the inserts (providing that the jacket/suit is prepared for them).

The KR-1i and KR-2i are designed to wear inside a jacket. For this shoot we have used the Alpinestars GP Pro leather jacket.

The KR-R and the KR-1 have been designed for track use, equally for racing or weekend track days, offering all the Alpinestars kwon how in competition. So, its multiple-compounds construction is fitted in a hyperventilated shell, both offering a great lightweight-protection ratio. The basic difference between them is the fix system: straps in the KR-1, and straps plus a snap-on button on the top for the KR-R. This snap-on system offers three differnt positions, so we can adjust to our personal height.

Is very important to correctly fix the the protector to your back, because prevents the protector from moving around while we ride. If not fixed, the protector wouldn’t do its function correctly, and the same goes if the protector it’s to big for your jacket or if the jacket isn’t prepared for it. So we always recomend wear the back protectors indicated by the manufacturer and use the fixing elements.

The top snap-on button of the KR-R, which allows a perfect fitment.

The KR-2 and the KR-2i insert design search for confort at long distances, making it ideal for touring jackets. Maybe, back protectors are associated to sport performances, but Alpinestars know that a protectors are esencial in any type of riding style and motorbike use.

The KR-2i insert (left) and his ‘brother’ KR-2 (right).

Nucleon chest protectors

In order to protect the rib cage, Alpinestars offers us the KR-C, a chest ideal for wear along the KR-1 and KR-2 back protectors thanks to a strap that connects with the back. These straps are the same for the both chest and back protectors, so we only have to change the straps one for the other and we have a complete upper body protection. The KR-C is divided in two halfs, thanks to a zip, so it’s easy to put on.

Like in the back protectors range, we can find Nucleon chest inserts, named KR-Ci and KR-CiW, the last one for woman, offering the same technology at the same price but optimized for the female torso. Last but no least, we have the KR-CiR insert, design for a racetrack use, offering protection and also creating a vibrating-less sensation for a rider wearing one of them inside the suit. The KR-CiR is a single piece protector, meanwhile both KR-Ci and KR-CiW are two pieces sets.


Nucleon chest protectors: KR-CiR (left), KR-C (center) and KR-CiW (right).

The Nucleon range is completed by the coxis protector KR-Tb, that you can attach to the KR-R, KR-1 and KR-2 back protectors thanks to a velcro system.

You can also protect the coxis zone with the KR-Tb.

To sum up, the Nucleon protection range offers different products for your single needs: the KR-R and KR-1 (back) y KR-CiR (chest) for track and street use, KR-2 (back) y KR-C (chest) for touring use.


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