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How to choose the motorcycle pant size? Tips and tricks

Shopping guides 30 September, 2019

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We’re going to reveal the secrets for choosing the right size of motorcycle pants. Tips and advice so you don’t get it wrong…and no: it’s not about going on a diet until they fit. So, don’t worry, there are pants for everyone! Let’s go.

Why is it important to choose the right pant size? First reason, the most basic: to be comfortable. Trousers that are too tight are going to turn your trip into hell and ones that are too loose will also be a nuisance. Second reason: safety.

If you wear the right size, the hip and knee protections will be in the ideal place to act correctly and you’ll avoid the “sail effect” where the material hits against you. And third reason: aesthetics…We want them to fit you perfectly!

So we’ll give you some advice on how to choose the pants, be they textile/Cordura, jeans with protections or leather pants. By the way, we also have a tutorial for suits for if you want to get a one or two piece suit.

Motorcycle pant sizes

To correctly choose the motorcycle pant size, consult the size guide that you can find in our web, just below the size selection of the model you want and have to hand a measuring tape.

What are we going to measure? Four elements: the width of your waist, hips and thighs and leg length. Let’s go step by step for each one.

  • Waist width: easy, place the measuring tape around your stomach at the height of your belly button. This is the most important measurement.
  • Hip width: lower the tape a bit until you feel your hip bone. It’s simple as it’s the widest part of the hip that you need to measure.
  • Thigh: place the measuring tape around one of your legs and measure the width.
  • Leg length: lastly, take the tape and starting at the foot (tread on the tape with your heel) go up to your crotch: No need to measure anything around there…or maybe, up to you, but for the pants, that’s not necessary.

You’ll see that some size guides only have one of these measurements, others have all of them. But what’s important is that if you consult the guide you’ll find yours for sure.

Tips and advice for choosing the right motorcycle pant size

To try them on properly: adapt the motorcycle position,bent over and with bended knees. You could also pull your knee out a bit, like when you’re riding. When you get into these postures is when you can see how the pants lie as regards the ankle: if they rise up too much, half-way up the shin, then they’re too short.

To make things clear: the pants, along with the footwear, must cover the ankle area. If you’re wearing short shaft motorcycle shoes, the pants have to compensate this. That the ankle isn’t left exposed. But this doesn’t mean that we have to have the pants dragging along the ground when we get off the bike.

Put on the boots you usually wear and try the pants now. It all depends on the type of pants you want to buy:

  • If they are textile/Cordura:the boot should go inside the pants.
  • Bear this in mind: If you’re using a touring type pant, the boot should go inside to ensure enhanced waterproofing.
  • In an Adventure type pant, the boot needs to go outside as it normally won’t fit inside and we also recommend this to lengthen the life of the pants.

So it’s best to try them on with the boots to see how they fit. Very important: that they aren’t too long (reaching the sole of the boot) or hinder your actions, like using the footrests or changing gear.

  • If they’re jeans/denim: they’re usually worn with low boots or motorcycle shoes. If combining with a high shaft boot (unusual), the boot goes on the outside. If wearing low shaft boots or motorcycle shoes with reinforcements, the jeans are worn outside. In this case it’s very important that they’re not too short with your ankle showing.
  • If they’re leather pants: they always go inside the boot. (exception Dainese Axial D1 boots that go inside) It’s important to try them to see that the boots aren’t too tight or to adjust them better if you have that option when putting on the pants.


We hope that this advice will help you find the best pant size for you. We know that getting a good jacket, gloves and boots take preference over the pants, but as you know, all protection is good.


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