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7 Tricks for motorcycling in summer. Everything you need to know

Tutorials and technology 10 June, 2019

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Summer is one of the best times to get your bike out, but sometimes the heat can be very disturbing! Discover our best tips and tricks to fight the heat and enjoy your bike in summer!

Don’t we just love the summer! You have to acknowledge that it is the best time of the year to enjoy one of your passions: the motorcycle. But riding your bike in summer requires some preparation and there are some things to take into account.

So at Motocard we have decided to offer you some advice about travelling on your bike this summer. It’s not just about having some summer gloves, a jacket or bike boots. There are some tricks to bear in mind.

Even though it’s hot, gear up well

Sure; with the high summer temperatures we don’t feel like gearing up as we should as our gear might not be specific for the summer and we’ll be hot. And you know, if you’re too hot you’ll sweat a lot and that is uncomfortable. And in some extreme cases it can be a real nuisance and aids dehydration…no joking about this!

To enjoy your trip to the max, the ideal thing is to use summer garments and motorcycle gear, ventilated, specially devised for this purpose: those that allow a great airflow, but that afford maximum safety guarantees. For example, a jacket like this Alpinestars AST Air o and some short shaft, vented gloves will help us to stay cooler on the bike.

If you’re one of those who likes to get their knee down, you could choose a perforated leather jacket like this Dainese Racing 3 Estiva. There’s a whole lot of summer motorcycle gear for whatever type of motorcyclist you are,

It’s also preferable that, in the case of the summer bike jacket, that it be as versatile as possible: if it has a windproof lining, even better. You could adapt it to possible changes in the weather. Remember that in the Motocard web you have a filter to see all the summer motorcycle gear.

The best motorcycle accessories for riding the bike in summer

The second piece of advice is that, if you have a little bit more of a budget, you can get some very interesting accessories to beat the heat on the bike. For example, the Alpinestars Cooling Vest, a vest where you can add water to the interior and thanks to its perforations and together with a vented jacket, it helps us reduce our body temperature by about 15 degrees centigrade. The effect lasts for about 3 days and has anti-bacterial treatment. Amazing!

And, on the other hand, if you’re one who likes to go on the track, you’ll appreciate an undersuit like the Alpinestars RideTech Summer. It helps us wick sweat and keeps the body dry.

Summer motorcycle protections

The second piece of advice is very closely associated with the gear: protect yourself properly. The same as in the last point: if you’re going on a bike, do it with all the guarantees. To this end, remember that there are back protections that can be installed in the jacket, like this Pro-Armor G2 from Dainese that also allows for great airflow.

Avoid the sunniest hours of the day

The third piece of advice we’ve chosen is to avoid the sunniest hours of the day. The early bird gets the worm. That’s what my granny used to say. So to take advantage of the gentler temperatures first thing is ideal. Also, bear in mind that in summer the days are longer. So there are enough hours to ride your bike until you get bored.

If you’re going to plan a trip: do it as early as possible so as not to have to ride around in the hottest hours.

Stay properly hydrated

As we said in the first point: get well hydrated. If you have a backpack with a reservoir, you could use it to not waste time and be hydrated at all times. Even if we are well equipped, we’ll always sweat. If you love to enjoy the scenery, remember to stop periodically and drink liquids. In the long run, you’ll appreciate it.

Check your motorcycle before setting off

Not long ago we offered you content on the 5 basic things to maintain your bike. Before setting off, it’s recommendable to do a quick check: that the chain is correctly tensed and lubricated, that the bike has brake fluid, clean the battery terminals, etc. Very important above all if you’re going on a long bike journey.

Hey, also the tyre pressure: in summer it’s important not to exceed the recommended pressure. The asphalt is hotter and the air in the tyre will expand a little bit more than normal …so check the pressure before stepping out onto the burning tarmac.

Dark Screen

The sixth piece of advice is another accessory that we sometimes don’t think about: the dark screen if your helmet doesn’t have a sun visor. Sometime, the summer light can be treacherous and we can avoid being blinded with the dark screen. An example: this dark screen can be installed in the AGV Pista GP R, the AGV Corsa R and in the AGV Veloce S.

And finally, some useful tips that we sometimes overlook: if you’re going to stop, try and park the bike in the shade, if you leave it in the sun, when you sit, the seat might be baking hot and we wouldn’t like that. And also: the tank gets hot and a bit of petrol evaporates! Save yourself some pennies by parking in the shade.

Ah, and none of this is of any use if we don’t open the vents on our helmet or our jacket (if it has any) for the air to circulate. Sometimes we don’t remember these simple things.


As you can see, even though the heat is on in summer, there are some things we can bear in mind so that our bike trip or route doesn’t become a nightmare. Before finishing, in the comments section, let us know your foolproof trick to beat the heat on your bike.


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