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How to install heated grips on your motorcycle

Tutorials and technology 30 December, 2018

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We recently offered you a post about heated gloves, a good option to go with warm hands in winter. But there is another equally valid option: hot grips. We show you how to install step by step in this post.

If you take the bike on a daily basis, in addition to some heated gloves, it may be that you have thought about placing a heated grips on your motorcycle, although if so, you will surely have some doubts: does it cost a lot? What steps must be followed? What do I need to install them? We solve these and other questions in this post.

heated gripsOxford is one of the leading brands in the marketing of hot grips.

The model we have chosen is the Oxford Premium Touring, one of the leading brands in this type of systems. By the way, we already tell you that it is easier to install them than you think. Keep reading and you’ll see how everything becomes clear to you the first time.

What do we need to put some heated grips?

  • The hot grips include a superglue.
  • They are also sold with an adhesive to anchor the support of the switchboard.
  • Some flanges. You may need some more than the ones that come with the grips.
  • A sandpaper and degreaser.
  • A screwdriver, a flat screwdriver and a 10 key (can change depending on the type of motorcycle).

heated gripsThe Superglue is important so that the grips are well fixed to the controls of the motorcycle.

The 6 steps to install hot grips

We detail the six steps to follow for the correct installation of the grips:

1. We remove the seat. The grips need electric current and we are going to get it from the motorcycle’s battery. If the battery has a protective plate, we remove it. In our case, in addition, we also have the motorcycle switchboard. We disconnected the battery. Next, we connect the poles: the negative, black and the positive, the red. We return to fix the screw (that we had previously removed) in each pole. Once we have done it, in our case we put back the control unit and the protective cover.

hot grips

In our case, it is better to remove the gas tank to have a professional result. It’s easier than you think. We have used a 10 wrench to loosen the two screws. Once we have done this, we disconnect the gas pipe that goes to the engine and remove the tank. A professional advice: when you are going to do it, it is better that the deposit is empty. It will weigh less. If your bike has counterweights, it’s time to remove them.

2. We pass the wiring to the front. It is advisable to follow the rest of the wires that go to the front. At this point we need the included flanges. Super important: the wire does not tear with anything, nor that it is pinched, nor that it prevents the rotation of the handlebar and, above all, that it does not touch the hot part of the engine. Once we have passed the wiring to the front, we put the tank. If you have a friend or partner, it is time to ask for help.

hot grips

3. We remove the grips of the motorcycle. One of the crucial moments. If we have compressed air, it is better to use it. If not, (usually we do not have this), we can do it by introducing a flat screwdriver to unstick the grips. It only takes a little patience. If we still have difficulties, we can introduce alcohol through a syringe. The most effective method without a doubt: we apply it and after a few minutes we can remove the grip easily. Why alcohol? Because it evaporates quickly and leaves no residue.

hot grips

4. Now it’s time to anchor the switchboard. Important to place it in a comfortable place for when we need to raise or lower the temperature. Each motorcycle is a world. You can paste this switch but, as in our case, you can anchor it in the included support.

hot grips

5. Now it’s time to install the HotGrips. We put the glue on the inside and hook them. We can clean excess glue with degreaser. It is important to respect the distance with “the pineapple” so that there is no friction. Important and better to warn in advance: the throttle grip on the right. In this case we know because the diameter is larger than the left. It is also important to place them in such a way that they do not bother us when we activate the motorcycle’s controls. We recommend checking it before installing it permanently.

hot grips

6. After this, we connect the grips to the battery. We connect all the wiring set, we wrap them so they do not bother and we put the flanges. We reassure ourselves that the wires don’t touch anything or bother.


In the event that we have to install the counterweight again, it may not fit. Do not panic! If so, we should cut the grip.

Now we can only try them on the road. If they work, you can forget the cold!

General features of the heated grips

  • They connect to the battery.
  • They reach 50 degrees of temperature.
  • They have five adjustable heat positions.
  • The buttons of the switchboard are made of silicone to operate them comfortably with the gloves on.

heated gripsImage of the control unit of the hot grips, very practical and functional.

Important recommendations when installing motorcycle hot grips

  • Avoid touching the grip with the unprotected hand. Remember to use the gloves.
  • If we see that we need to regulate the temperature, it is always better to stop in a safe place and regulate it.
  • The control unit of the hot grips has a battery saving system that turns off the system if we forget it connected. Even so, it is always advisable to turn them off.

Finally and as we told you, we used Oxford Premium Touring HotGrips, but in Motocard, in the accessories section for your motorcycle, you can find other models for all kinds of motorcycles, scooters, adventure, sports, etc.

By the way, we are thinking about making a comparison between some hot grips and some heated gloves. With its pros and cons. Do you think it is a good idea? You can write us your opinion in the comments section.


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