How to install the tear-off on the motocross goggles

Tutorials and technology 2 January, 2019

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If you are a lover of motocross or enduro, you will have noticed that the goggles are really dirty because of the mud. Well, as the title of this post says, we tell you to place the tear-off sheets correctly so that you always maintain a clear vision.

What is a tear-off?

How many of you have finished a round of motocross and you have told your friend or rival, depends on how you look, “friend did not see anything, had goggles full of mud …” Well, the solution is simple and as we say It is called tear-off, that sheet that is installed on the outer face of the goggles and that protects the lens at all times. Next, you will find the steps to follow to install the tear-off correctly and you will see that it has no secret.

tear-offImage of 100% tear-off sheets.

The tear-off sheet is very light, very thin and is installed in the external pivots that are on either side of the lens of the goggles. With installing two or three, under normal conditions, we have more than enough. And more when we have just started in the off-road world.

How to install the tear-off on the motocross goggles

  • We remove the protective film.
  • We install the tear-off on the glasses placing the holes in each of the pivots.
  • Important that the strip to remove the sheet is to the left of the goggles and perform the action with the left hand, never with the hand that controls the grip.
  • We check that the sheets are correctly placed in the goggles.

tear-offThe tear-off strip always has to be on our left.

Several sheets can be installed, one on top of the other. They are thought and prepared for it. In fact, to have several is important. The goal is to keep the goggles clean, away from mud and dust.

About the different types of tear-off you can find in the market and what you need, if you keep reading you will find information about it.

tear-offWe can install several sheets on the goggles. In fact, it is advisable because dirt can appear at any time.

Not less important. Keep in mind that each brand has its own tear-offs, since its shape conforms to the shape of the goggles. That is, if we get 100% goggles, we have to get a tear-off of the brand itself. The same if we buy a Oakley, Fox or Shift.

Standard or laminated tear-off?

Some brands market a version of standard tear-offs and another with laminated tear-offs. The only difference between them is that laminated tear-offs avoid reflections and offer a sharper vision than standard tear-offs with more units.

tear-offThere are different tear-off models. It is important that they match the brand of goggles.

Soon we will write a new post with the most common mistakes when you start in the off-road world. You can write us your comments in the section that you will find below.


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