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Cleaning and care of the gloves. Best tips and tricks

Tutorials and technology 17 April, 2019

We talk about…

How to clean leather motorcycle gloves? Or textile? Washing your motorcycle gloves is very important, just like any motorcycle gear. Discover our article to know all our tips and advice on cleaning your motorcycle gloves, inside and out.

Have you ever wear your gloves and think immediately -“Maybe I should clean those gloves! This is surely the moment to wash your motorcycle gloves. How to clean your motorcycle gloves? Leather motorcycle gloves? Textiles? No worries, it’s easier than you can imagine. We tell everything you need to know afterwards.

Let’s start with cleaning the outside of the motorcycle gloves. We will differentiate on the one hand the leather gloves and secondly the textile gloves since the cleaning is different.

How to clean leather motorcycle gloves?

Regarding leather motorcycle gloves. As we have said for the cleaning of the jacket, the helmet or for most motorcycle equipment, there are specific products for washing leather motorcycle equipment.

There are even some who cleans and moisturizes at the same time. There are others on the other hand that will help us only cleaning. In any case, it is always advisable to use a soft cloth and do not apply the product directly on the motorcycle glove.

It is also not advisable to dry them close to a heater or radiator as this could well … kill your gloves. At the dryer do not even think about it. A little logical but I still prefer to call back.

An advice. The leather can deform with ease, it is not advisable to keep them inside the helmet. I know, all right, we’ve done it all at least once in a lifetime. It’s not that bad, but once you get home, take off your gloves and lay them flat to prevent them from becoming deformed.

Another big question: “what do we do if we are caught unprepared by a huge rain? ” Do not panic. Once home, we will put an absorbent cloth inside the gloves, it will help them a lot! Sopalin paper style, or newsprint. This paper is changed from time to time, and the gloves are allowed to dry naturally.

How to clean waterproof motorcycle gloves?

Let’s move on to textile motorcycle gloves. Here, good news! We can perfectly put them in the washing machine.

As always, we advise you not to mix them with delicate clothes. Why are you told that? Mainly for velcro. We advise you to put them in a cloth bag to prevent the scratch clings to your clothes.

Since Motocard, we have a small recommendation: never use softener if your gloves have a waterproof membrane. On the other hand, as surprising as it may seem, a few tumble dryers could help maintain the effectiveness of the waterproof membrane.

How to clean the inside of the motorcycle gloves?

Between us, sometimes it feels a bit bad inside the motorcycle gloves. It is completely normal to sweat at the controls of the bike.

The ideal is to clean them with a cloth, lukewarm water and a neutral soap. Use a moderate amount of soap. Even better ! You can use a specific product for indoor use, such as for the inside of a helmet.

Once dry, you can use a little (only a little) of talc. And if they have a waterproof membrane, it is advisable not to return them.

When to change his motorcycle gloves?

Finally, if your gloves have unfortunately suffered a fall, it is simply advisable to change them as soon as possible. I also let you discover some of the resistance test that we did recently at the Motorcycle Show in Barcelona. Important, to realize how important it is to have good motorcycle equipment.

I hope our post has been helpful to you, and you’ve seen … cleaning your motorcycle gloves properly is not complicated.


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