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Cleaning and care of the gloves

Tutorials and technology 31 July, 2015

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Gloves are one of the most important elements of our security when riding. They’re protecting our hands from wind, rain, weather, road debris and bugs, but at the same from abrasion in case of falling off, as hands are one of the most exposed parts of our body when crashing. So it’s very important to keep our gloves always in the best conditions possible. We want to give you some tips to prolong the life of your gloves:

cuidado guantes motoIf we don’t take care of a glove leather, the difference will not only be important form the aesthetic point of view, also anti-abrasion performance will be diminished.

We’ll need to perform a different maintenance depending on the gloves material, as is not the same for leather or fabric gloves. Leather gloves are more sensitive to abuse and will need specific cleaning and constant hydration. The tips below are basic recommendations, but in case of doubt the brand considerations on the product will prevail ALWAYS. So read carefully the brand instructions for a right gloves maintenance.

Leather gloves and water are not friends, avoid washer and submerging on water to clean them. A damp cloth with warm water and a little of soap is enough to clean leather while rinsing should be done with cold water. If you don’t have a specific moisturizing product, any standard moisturizing cream can be a good substitute. Wash after wash leather can lose colour or be ruddier to touch, but never lose its basic proprieties.

productos cuidado guantesThere’s a specific cleaning kit for each material, either fabric or leather, like these two from Zeibe brand.

If a downpour have caught us on the bike and our gloves are soaking in wet, its better not to leave them near a direct heat source when arriving home. The best option is use any absorbent material (such as paper towels) and wrap them. Leave them near the engine, above a stove or a radiator destroys the leather proprieties. Gloves should dry naturally. Also, never use the dryer.

The leather is easily deformed, so it’s better not to put the gloves inside the helmet as we just get off the bike. If you’re forced by circumstances to do it, make sure you stretch them well at home, so they do not deform.

Special products for gloves will prolong the life of your gloves and also maintain its security performances.

Fabric gloves usually resist machine washing. Keep in mind not to mix with delicate clothes and don’t use a mild detergent. Softeners are also not recommended because destroys the properties of waterproof gloves.

If we don’t use a certain gloves a long period of time (because they are winter or summer gloves, for example), it is recommended that they are kept clean and dry in a box or zippered cash. In fact, many brands sell the gloves in such cases, so do not throw them away because you might need in the future.

productos limpieza cueroIn Motocard.com cleaning kits section you’ll all the necessary to keep your gloves in perfect conditions.

And remember, after any fall and the gloves are scratched or have suffered any important hit, we must replace it as soon as possible. The materials and fabrics of a glove will have endured irreparable tears and tensions, so we must acquire a new pair.


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