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How to clean a motorcycle helmet ?

Tutorials and technology 22 April, 2019

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Cleaning your motorcycle helmet is paramount for our comfort and safety. It is very important to know how to do it correctly, the visor of the helmet or the interior actually requires washing, care and special drying. Discover all our tips below through Motocard's blog.

As we all know, it is impossible to be on a motorcycle without our helmet, and therefore always having it with us, it is important to know how to clean your helmet properly. Indeed, we are led to clean our helmet insects, dirt, mud (in the case of off-road), or simply accumulated dirt. Be aware that a good cleaning, whether inside or outside the helmet, will help us extend the life of the motorcycle helmet.

The first thing to consider is knowing the importance of having a well-maintained helmet on a daily basis. To do this: transport it with protection, avoid blows if it is always with us and, above all, do not touch it since it may change its ability to protect us.

How to clean a motorcycle helmet?

  • Use specific products to clean the motorcycle helmet.
  • Start from the outside with the right product using a micro-fiber cloth.
  • Apply the product directly to the visor, then rub gently.
  • Skip to the interior cleaning.
  • If your helmet has removable padding, it is best to leave them to clean them deeper.
  • For the interior, it will be enough just to apply the specific product.
  • Dry the padding, leaving it in fresh, dry air. Do not use the dryer!

produit pour nettoyer casque moto

What product to clean motorcycle helmet?

It is very important to use adequate products. Even if it seems very logical, sometimes we are led to do things “quickly” and suddenly, we do not do things properly.

produit pour nettoyer casque moto

Let’s start with the outside of the helmet. The first advice that we give you since Motocard is that it is really very important not to use the window cleaner product, since the visor of our helmet is not a glass pane, and therefore, this type of product instead of cleaning, can damage the visor.

Our advice is to use a specific product for visor, applying it with a damp cloth then rub gently. If you do not have a specific product available, no problem! A cloth in micro-fiber, wet with hot water will do the trick but, in this case, it will go with a little more care.

nettoyer visiere casque moto

How to clean a motorcycle helmet that sticks?

In cases where there are many insects, both on the outer shell and on the visor, the ideal is to apply the cleaner directly on the surface and let the product act a few moments. Be aware that you can disassemble the visor for further cleaning.

nettoyage visiere casque moto

How to clean the visor of a motorcycle helmet?

So now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Fine, but what do we do if I have a Pinlock or an anti-fog lens installed?”

If you have an anti-fog lens (Pinlock) on the visor, you should know that this lens should not be in contact with alcohol and should be cleaned very gently by gently rubbing the visor. One thing, also know that it is not advisable to install the lens when it is wet.

nettoyer pinlock

By following these simple instructions, we will be able to keep our helmet clean, in good condition, with a visor that will give us good visibility.

Important tip: never use the water jet. It could damage some parts, such as the ventilation system or upholstery.

visiere casque motoHow to clean the inside of a helmet?

Exactly, concerning the interior, know that it is advisable to wash the padding periodically. Well, it is true that the interior is not so exposed to dirt, but accumulates our own perspiration and more for the summer days.

nettoyer interieur casque

To wash them, two possibilities:

  • It can be cleaned with a specific professional product that allows us to apply it directly on the padding that will not only clean, disinfect and neutralize the bad odors. This way is the best option if our helmet does not leave the interior. Besides, it may be something to consider before buying a helmet …
  • On the contrary, you can extract the inside of the helmet, you can clean it more deeply. Remember that every manufacturer has its own extraction mechanism, but no worries, usually it’s not complicated. Once you’ve removed the padding, you have to use a specific product or water with a neutral soap.

nettoyer interieur casque

So do not rub, but let them soak with water and dry them in a cool place without the sun tapping directly on the fabric. Also, be sure to reinstall the padding once dry.

How to clean a motorcycle helmet?

For motorcycle helmets, padding is very exposed to the mud and must be cleaned more thoroughly. In these cases, it is therefore possible to clean them in the washing machine with a short, cold and delicate program. And as always, do not let them dry directly in the sun and especially never put it in the dryer.

… like a new motorcycle helmet!

interieur casque moto

One last thing, remember that when reinstalling the helmet elements, we must do it in a specific order to leave no trace and that the cleaning is perfect.

It is necessary to start from the inside, then the collar and the external annexes of ventilation, and visor and to finish the cache nose and cache neck.

casque moto

This way, you will always have a helmet in perfect condition! If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to share your comments in the box below.


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