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Tutorial: how to equip properly when going on holidays on bike

Tutorials and technology 10 August, 2016

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Traveling by bike is one of the best ways to travel. It enjoys more of the landscape, of a country and its people ... and how not, its roads! But if there is a small headache it is how to get it all the essentials without turning our motorcycle in a mule.
Apart from our usual clothes, we take our biker kit. But what else can we need?

Must take: what are we going to wear?
A waterproof kit always will help. You never know when rain may occur, even in full summer vacation, so it goes well always wear trousers and a raincoat, or even a cubreguantes and boot covers.

Tutorial: Cómo equiparnos para ir de vacaciones en motoFrom tankbags to waterproof gear and including cleaning kits and repleacement riding boots: those are one of the must you need to go around the world.

Speaking of gloves: must always have a spare gloves, by which it can happen. Thermal garments are useful if you want to conquer mountain passes are traveling to countries or cold weather. A T-shirt and thermal pants but also other elements like a cubrecuellos simpler for us one of the essential to travel. It protects the neck from the wind, but also from dirt and dust.
Footwear is always something spectacular, and we usually travel with touring boots but is also comfortable to take a few urban sneakers. But if we are able to move with slippers in short sections, we can choose moteras slippers, with protections but also comfortable for walking.

Tutorial: Cómo equiparnos para ir de vacaciones en motoHaving another pair of gloves, one ventilated for summertime and another with waterproof membrane, can be a wise desition in countries where the rain is usual.

Another useful parts to wear a helmet screen: this way we have a tinted and clear, in case you are going to move at night. Most current systems helmets have quick release, so will not need to carry tools. Install an anti-fog film on the screens will also be helpful. Finally, a small cleaning kit for helmet visor and our clothes are always welcome for their usefulness and takes up little space.

Otro recambio útil para llevar es una pantalla de casco: de esta manera tenemos una tintada y una clara, por si se vamos a circular de noche. La mayoría de los cascos actuales tienen sistemas de desmontaje rápido, así que no hará falta llevar herramientas. Instalar una lámina antivaho en las pantallas también será de utilidad.if your helmet dosn’t feature an integrated sunvisor, is advisable to carry a tinted visor plus a clear one for spare if we’re gonna ride at night.

Suitcase organitzation
There are many types of suitcases and trunks available for our bike. In Motocard Givi we trust the brand, leader segment, which offers a wide range of options. The side panniers or trunks are perhaps the most comfortable and safe way to travel in cargo. Once installed, they are fixed and have large storage capacity.

Tutorial: Cómo equiparnos para ir de vacaciones en motoThe inner handbags are the best way to keep everything in place inside the suitcases.

We always recommend us with inner bags for panniers. It is a convenient way to have a hand bag and at the same time a way of not having to carry with hard case and keep everything in order inside.
Tank backpack: A great glovebox
In the tank we can also install a sobredepósito suitcase. Givi has bags with the anchoring system Tanklock, easy installation and allows you to remove and put the tank bag in an instant.

Tutorial: Cómo equiparnos para ir de vacaciones en motoEl sistema Tanklock de Givi es fácil de instalar y no ocupa espacio.

A tank bag has a lot of advantages to go route: allows us to store personal items that may need to fall back on, like credit cards, coins and toll tickets or parking, as well as sunglasses.
It also makes available mobile or tablet through a pocket that allows handling. In this way we can install a GPS app to circulate. And also have space to install the battery charging system if we acquired separately, which allows battery charging mobile or tablet as circulated.

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