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Tutorial: motorbike and scooter lock products

Tutorials and technology 9 November, 2016

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The motorbike lock systems are essential for users who ride motorbike or scooters. Unfortunately, there are too many robberies, specially on urban areas, so to have a lock system is a must. On this article we introduce you some of them.

Different lock systems

We start with the disc brakes lock systems. As its name says, these devices lock usually the front brake disc and avoid the motorbike can wheel. Some of them have an elastic cable, according to remember us the lock is on the bike and we cannot start the engine without removing it from the wheel.

The brake disc lock systems can be stored in a pocket and they are easy to install and remove from the bike, so we can go anywhere with them. This allows us to park our bike everywhere for a short period of time, that is why this kind of locks are very common on cities or urban areas. Remember: it is very important to lock our bike when we park it even for a short period of time. Some of these locks feature an integrated alarm. If the device detects any movement or vibration on the bike, the alarm activates inmediately. This provokes a disuasory effect to the thieves. As example, we have the Xena XX14, a bigger lock than usual because it incorporates the integrated alarm, that works with a lithium battery included on the purchase. As additional item, we can purchase a memory cable.

The arch locks are also known as ‘U’ locks for its shape. We reccomend to buy these locks with the arch as bigger as possible, so we can put the arch between the fork and the wheel, for a better locking on our bike, even on a fixed object we can find on the city. That is the best way for using it, because if we lock only the wheel, we only avoid the movement, but not the robbery. As an example, we have the Abus Granit X Plus 540-300, the safest on its range. The arch is made with special resistent steel and on its outside surface there is a rubber finish according to avoid scratches on our bike. With the lock, we have two keys and a code number if we want to order additional keys.

There are also chain lock systems, like the Abus CityChain, with 110 cm. of lenght, made with special resistant steel and with a textile on its exterior, just to avoid scratches on our bike or scooter. With the purchase there are included two keys and a code in case of ordering additional keys. For its weight and size, it is difficult to carry it with us anytime, but it is much safer than others lock systems. The best way to lock our bike or scooter with the chain is to fix our vehicle to a fix object on the street, making sure we put the chain not only the wheel but the chasis or the fork. Make sure as well the chain is tensed and does not touch on the ground, that makes very difficult to cut it.

We can use these kind of chains as a complement for other lock systems, like this Anchor Force from Oxford brand, a ground lock very useful if we park the bike in a concrete place everyday. We have to fix this lock device into the ground through four special steel screws. Obviously, we cannot use this lock system everywhere, but on our private parking area or on a community park. Remember that in these kind of parking there are many robberies, so this lock system can be very helpful.

¿Which one is the best?

The best option is a combination of two or more locks for our vehicle, like an arch lock or a chain with a brake disc lock. As more difficulties the thief finds on our bike, better. Probably he/she will quit from trying to steal our vehicle.

We must ot have in mind some tips regarding the lock of our bikes: when we aprk our vehicle, it is better to choose public places where there are many people, because a witness can call the police if he/she is seeing something strange. By night, choose well illuminated areas and zones with CCTV cameras. As many robberies are made by loading the bikes on a truck, choose areas where these kind of vehicles cannot park or stop. It is important as well to change the park area, so the possible thief cannot detect a routine.

We hope with these lock systems and tips you can enjoy your motorbike or scooter during years and years.

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