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5 essential tips and tricks to maintain your bike in perfect condition

Tutorials and technology 1 May, 2019

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The maintenance of your bike is easier than you think. What should you keep in mind? In this post we tell you 5 basic and essential tips to make it look like the first day.

The maintenance of your motorcycle is essential for its useful life and for its correct operation. We are not discovering a cancer cure, but many times, whether due to forgetfulness or neglect, we do not do a basic maintenance of our beloved motorcycle.

Doing those tips can take less time than we think with a few simple steps. So we wanted to offer you in this video and in this post the 5 key steps for the maintenance of your motorcycle.

What type of user are we?

Firstly, how often do you have to do a basic maintenance of the motorcycle? It depends on the use you make of your motorcycle. And the type of user that we are. If we are talking about an off-road motorcycle, maybe we will need to do a check more often than a road one. Almost every 2 weeks we need take a look at the 5 points that we explain below.

Check the engine oil level

One of the things that most influence the maintenance of your motorcycle is to check the oil level. That your motorcycle runs out of oil is bad, very bad. So you have to check the level by means of the peephole or, by means of the dipstick of the deposit if it has it.

If it’s necessary, add more oil to reach the recommended level. You should always check the level and add the oil recommended by the manufacturer with the motorcycle straight and cold. Not when it is hot because the oil is dispersed by the engine and will slow down to the crankcase.

Every 5,000 kilometers it is advisable to change the oil and every 10,000 kilometers, the filter. The chain of motorcycle: clean it, tighten it and grease it. As we already explained in another tutorial, having properly tightened, cleaned and oiled the motorcycle chain is a must. It is one of the basic elements of the traction system.

Recommendations: use a soft cloth to clean it and use specific products, both for cleaning and greasing.

Maintain adequate tire pressure

Another aspect that must be taken to have the bike always in perfect condition is checking the tire pressure. How often? It depends on the use you give to the motorcycle, but it must not exceed 15 days. For this, you should consult the pressure recommended in the maintenance book of your motorcycle. It depends on the load you are going to carry, the type of motorcycle, etc.

So, not taking the right tire pressure can be very dangerous for your safety. How do we check the pressure? To check the pressure, it is ideal to have a digital pressure indicator, which does not take up much space and is very accurate. If we approach a gas station, we can also check it with the manometer. To know the recommended pressure for the tires of your motorcycle, it is necessary that you consult it in the user manual. Generally, under normal conditions it is usually 2.3 on the front wheel and 2.9. but we repeat, consult this information in the manual.

How often do you change your motorcycle tires?

Precisely, periodically you have to check the tire wear. According to some traffic normative, the depth of the grooves of the tire must not be less than 1.6 mm. Currently, most manufacturers incorporate a mark to check the wear of the drawing.

This is a good indicator since there is no certain science in terms of changing tires: there is no established data that every 10,000 kilometers you must change them, for example. Sometimes, if your bike has been exposed to cold and winter rain, it may be that the tires have crystallized: as if they were very hard and never worn out. That means that they do not work as they should and it is time to change them.

Also, if the tires have any deformity, some exterior crack, has had a puncture, etc, you should also change them immediately.

How to check your bike’s brake fluid

Checking the brake fluid level is also a basic task for the maintenance of your motorcycle. For this, you should check it in the deposits destined to it. At the front, on the handlebar, you will find the expansion tank. The level must be between the minimum and the maximum. So, if it’s low, we’ll add a little more. If we spill some liquid, clean it quickly as it can be highly corrosive to the paint on your bike.

Depending on your bike, for the rear brake you will find another expansion tank or a peephole unless your bike has a rear drum brake. One recommendation: if you need to change the brake fluid, it might be better to take it directly to a workshop for it. Do not complicate your life, which in itself is very complicated.

As for the brake system, it is also advisable to look at how the front brake pads are. If the black part remains between the tablet and the disc, it means that we do not have to change them. If not, change them.

How to clean the terminals of your motorcycle battery

Having the battery in perfect condition is another easy process that we can do in a few minutes and that, in the long run, can save us more than one problem.

For this, periodically it is advisable to check the terminals of the battery to avoid its sulfation, you know, its calcification. If this happens or they are somewhat loose, the battery usually gives you problems. For example, it may not generate enough electricity and may not charge properly.

For this, with the motorcycle turned off and with the help of a screwdriver, firstly disconnect the negative pole and then the positive pole. We clean them with sodium bicarbonate diluted with water and scrape the terminals with a metal bristle brush. We pass a cloth, it is advisable to apply a layer of petroleum jelly and reconnect them: first the positive and then the negative.

Disconnect your motorcycle’s battery if you are going to hibernate

Finally, one last recommendation: if you are one of those who like to hibernate the motorcycle, remember that it is advisable to disconnect the battery from the motorcycle so that it is not discharged when we want to pick it up again.


You see that it is not necessary to be an expert in mechanics to do a basic maintenance of your motorcycle. With these 5 simple steps you will lengthen the useful life of your beloved companion and you will always have her ready to go out and shoot with your colleagues. As always, you can comment on what you want in the comments section.


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