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Tutorial: How to mount the bike cases

Tutorials and technology 28 June, 2017

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One of the most complicated points when organizing a motorcycle trip is when it comes to installing the luggage to our bike. The assembly system can change depending on the model of the cases, as well as the bike. In this video we are going to teach you how to mount the cases to the bike.

Traveling by motorbike is one of the most exciting, fun and adventurous ways to know the world. Above all, in summer, fans of two wheels organize trips where the bike is the main protagonist. However, motorcycle trips should be planned properly and take the right measures to enjoy the trip to the maximum, and among these measures mounting the cases is one of them.

Givi TrekkerThe Givi Trekker are cases for motorcycle designed to travel to any part in the world and in all type of conditions.

Although the options are endless, for this video we have chosen a Kawasaki Versys 650 and Givi Trekker cases, ideal for traveling anywhere in the world in all kinds of weather conditions. In addition, as a complement we also install a Bagster bag for the tank and a Givi ST603 Tanklock.

Givi TrekkerTo the left, detailed image of the trunk. To the right, image of one of the side cases Givi Trekker.

TanklockClose-up of the Givi ST603 Tanklock, easily detachable using the red lever located just below.

In short, with the right tools and following the steps in an orderly way, to install the cases of the bike is simpler than it seems. Remember that Motocard stores and Motocard.com can find these models in addition to a large number of alternatives.


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