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Side-case V35 (the price is for two units). It's the first side-case which uses the new Monokey® Side fitting system. This combination introduces advanced technical features.The innovative aspects of this fitting system can be summarised as follows: Reduction of the overall side encumbrance by inclining the support and use of a new profile for the bottom-shell of the V35 case, thus closely following the lines of the fairing of the motorcycle and therefore considerably improving the aerodynamic aspect. Monokey® Side won't change the motorcyclist's habits and will continue to offer ease of use, as the V35 case is still able to be opened/closed and attached/detached with one key + push button. Capacity: 34 lt / 2 full face helmets. Dimensions (wxdxh): 526x316x394 mm. Weight: 5 Kg. Case + Contents: 5 Kg.
Reference: M-0392632

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