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CARDO Scala Rider FreeCom 4+ Duo Electronics

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Product information

Cardo Scala Rider FreeCom 4+ Duo Intercom (2 paired units). The FreeCom 4+ is the evolution of the well-known FreeCom 4, from which it inherits all its features plus the Smartpack ones and includes interesting new features such as voice commands “Natural Voice,” helm volume control and JBL audio system as standard.

Designed for those motorists travelling alone or with a passenger and that want to communicate with other bikes. Can be used as rider-passenger and bike to bike intercom up to 1.2 km, hands free, music player through the mobile phone and of GPS receiver. It also has FM radio with RDS.

General Features:

  • Central Unit weight: 36 g.
  • Dimensions: 74 mm x 46 mm x 16 mm
  • Tested to not to harm aerodynamics of the latest generation helmets.
  • Talk Time: 13h.
  • Standby Time: 7 days.
  • Communication Technology: Bluetooth.
  • Dual Core: dual core multitasking technology.
  • Fast Connect: high speed auto-reconnect with paired devices.

Audio Kit:

  • JBL audio kit designed especially for Cardo with exceptional audio quality.
  • Depth of speaker is adjustable by using the accessory included.
  • 2 microphones: interchangeable hybrid / corded microphone to fit full face, modular and jet helmets.
  • Filters with different density for microphones.
  • Protected audio connections: connections of the microphone and speakers are protected from dust and water on the inside of the helmet.


  • Control handle: Select the volume or navigate through menus easily with a single finger.
  • Ergonomic Pushbuttons: designed for easy handling even with winter gloves on. 
  • Remote control function: possibility to remotely control all the functions of the device via your Smartphone.

Bluetooth Intercom mode:

  • 2-way Connectivity: full duplex Rider-Passenger.
  • 2-way Connectivity: Bike to Bike up to 1.2 Km range in full duplex multi conference mode.
  • 3-way Connectivity: 3 riders with up to 1.2 Km range between each bike in full duplex multi conference mode.
  • 4-way Connectivity: 2 bikers and their passengers with up to 1.2 Km range between each bike in full duplex multi conference mode.
  • 4-way Connectivity: 4 riders with up to 3.6 Km reach between the first and the last in full duplex multi conference mode.
  • Connectivity toggles A, B, C: connectivity with up to 3 bikers in full duplex alternate mode, at a range of 1.2 Km.
  • Cardo Gateway: connectivity with intercoms from other manufacturers.  
  • Parallel Audio: Listen to the radio, music via your smartphone, or receive GPS instructions during a 2-way conversation. You can listen to the instructions of your GPS device during a phone call. *Function is not compatible with IOS.
  • Share call: offers the possibility of sharing a phone call with your passenger or another bike for a 2-way conversation.

Connectivity with mobile devices:

  • Connectivity with 2 Bluetooth devices: 2 independent channels to be able to connect 2 mobile phones or 1 mobile phone and 1 GPS or Bluetooth MP3.
  • Customisable selection of the main Bluetooth device.
  • Dual HFP hands-free profile: management of 2 mobile phones. Alert of incoming calls from the 2nd device while maintaining a call with the main phone.
  • A2DP Wireless Advanced Stereo Profile: wireless stereo audio for smartphones.
  • AVRCP Wireless Advanced Control Profile: wireless control of smart phones.
  • Operations with your mobile phone: make, receive, and reject calls by voice command or by pressing a button.  
  • Operations with your GPS: reception of navigation instructions from the GPS via Bluetooth.


  • Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) - listen to music through your smartphone or Bluetooth MP3 player.
  • Music Sharing: rider and passenger can listen to the same stereo music (via A2DP).


  • FM Radio: FM radio integrated in the device.  
  • Auto Scan: auto search of broadcasting stations.  
  • RDS: automatic search of the signal with the highest intensity of the zone.  
  • Multi-Channel: 6 configurable stations.  
  • Auto Silent: the radio is muted automatically when a call is received.  
  • Radio Sharing Bike-to-Bike: 2 riders can listen to the same radio station simultaneously.

Advanced Technology:

  • VOX: voice control for receiving and rejecting incoming mobile or intercom calls without the need of using hands // Sensitivity customizable.
  • AGC: automatic adjustment of the level of speaker volume according to speed and ambient noise // Customisable sensitivity.
  • Emergency Number: number of phone call immediate customizable.
  • PLC: compensation of audio packets lost in real time in harsh environments.
  • DSP: digital signal processing for advanced audio.
  • VPM: volume per mode, fixation and storage of different volume levels for each audio source.
  • “NATURAL VOICE” voice commands: true hands-free voice recognition technology. Turn the radio on or off, change the station, turn the music on or turn off, change the song, know the state of the battery or call the intercom without pressing any button. It is compatible with Siri and Google Talk.. Simply say “Hey Cardo,” and it will do the rest.

Device Management:

  • Cardo Connect app: allows you to remotely control the functions of the intercom, and then customise the settings from your SmartPhone. Phone management, music, radio and intercom.
  • Cardo Community: web platform to manage all the options of the device and update the software.


  • IP67 Certification, dustproof and waterproof.
  • CE.
  • FCC, IC.

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