55 Motocross, enduro and quad protections ALPINESTARS

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There are as many off road protections as there are lesions! Well, almost. And that's a good thing, as it puts a wide range of elements within our reach that will help us gain confidence and, therefore, go faster! Fox, Alpinestars or Leatt offer a large, quality selection that literally covers us from head to toes.

The extremities of our body have always been those parts which tend to suffer more knocks. Which is why we shouldn't be surprised that the first protections to be invented were the knee guards and elbow guards. Nowadays they are more sophisticated: motocross fans can keep up to date with the latest orthopaedic knee guards, and we've noticed how the elbow guards have grown in size and quality of the materials with many models covering the whole shoulder.

But that's not the end of it: we can also have wrist braces, a less common element, but just as important, as often the instinctive act of sticking out our hands to protect us from a fall implies unnecessary wrist fractures.

The trunk area was the next step in the evolution of protections. With the roost deflectors came a great step forward in safety and currently the new integral roost deflectors already include elbow and shoulder protection. They're also making versions with the neck brace included. It's this protective element for the neck area that has meant a great advance in protection, and in just a few years has gone from being an experimental prototype for professional riders to an compulsory element for all users that aim to compete at any level.

Seeing as the protections are so important, most of them are available in a junior version for the youngsters of the household. Here the brands do not compromise, the materials and the technology are the same as those of the adult version. Also point out that many manufacturers are offering roost deflectors specific for women.

Although most protectors come in neutral colours that easily combine with white or black, there are also some more exuberant ones.