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Since joining the United Nations Global Compact in 2020, we have made our commitment to the Environment and Sustainability our flag.


  • We have promoted and encouraged respect for the environment and people, within the work team and in our facilities.
  • We offer and organize training to all employees on issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • The company has appointed a person who is explicitly responsible for diversity, equity and inclusion in the work environment.
  • The company's facilities are designed to meet accessibility requirements for people with physical disabilities.
  • The company has neutral or inclusive washbasins.
  • We have launched Internal Equality workshops to lay the foundations for Gender Equality.
  • We are committed to women's products, to biker influencers and to everything that positions women in the place they deserve.


  • We have changed our packaging, making it more sustainable with the environment and greatly reducing its impact.
  • We have invested in recyclable plastic, sustainable lighting and waste 0 at our headquarters
  • We have reduced the direct impact generated on our daily activity as a company, specifically the issue of landfills, waste generation, emissions, consumption electricity, water consumption, packaging consumption, etc.
  • We have minimized the use of raw materials and supplies (cardboard boxes, paper, toner, etc.) to the bare minimum.
  • We have implemented digital invoicing.
  • We have favoured selective collection and recycling of all the waste that allows it.
  • We have launched "Plan Renove" campaigns encouraging customers to buy new products subsidized, with the delivery of used items, encouraging recycling.

Road Safety

  • We have promoted information campaigns that help motorcyclists better understand the risks they take and mitigate them as much as possible.
  • We offer and organize training for all employees on issues related to road safety.