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Motocard feels responsible for guiding the strategy in favour of long-term sustainable development. We think that this responsibility obliges us not only to respect the environment but to carry out active policies to improve it.

Motocard's policies are governed by these three axes: road safety, diversity and the environment.

Road Safety

  • Contribute to the safety of everyone.
  • Sell quality product, which fulfil the functions that they are required to.
  • Participate in information campaigns that help motorcyclists better understand the risks they take and mitigate them as much as possible.
  • Influence, as far as we can, so that Administrations implement policies that protect the motorcyclist.


  • Equality, inclusion and job and societal satisfaction.
  • Contribute to the economic development and well-being of the society where we carry out our activity.
  • Develop our social activity giving priority attention to groups in need and / or at risk of social exclusion.
  • Participate in the market respecting current competence legislation, giving priority to dialogue and arbitration practices in case of disputes and conflicts.
  • Provide truthful and transparent information on the economic, social and environmental performance of the Group's companies.


  • Respect for the environment and planet.
  • Scrupulously comply with current regulations.
  • Promote and encourage respect for the environment within the work team and in our facilities.
  • Reduce the direct impact generated on our daily activity as a company, specifically the issue of landfills, waste generation, emissions, electricity consumption, water consumption, packaging consumption, etc.
  • Minimize the use of raw materials and supplies (cardboard boxes, paper, toner, etc.,) to the bare minimum.
  • Promote the selective collection and recycling of all the waste that allows it.
  • Reduce the indirect impact that we could produce on the environment by the projects or activities carried out for third parties.