92 Motorcycle electronic gear

They say that sharing is love and we all love riding our bikes, right? Well, intercoms allow us to share that moment collectively. It's simply brilliant to be able to talk to friends without having to wait for a red light to be able to exchange opinions. Thanks to the current systems we have a wide range. There are those with built in FM Radio and Bluetooth so we can calmly listen to music on the radio or our mobile or listen to the GPS instructions. And remember, if you need any accessory for your intercom, you can also find it at Motocard.

If we want to install one, beforehand we need to know which intercom fits your helmet. Brands such as Cardo make universal models that can be used by different helmet brands and models, but you still need to know which type of intercom you need and how to fit it to the shell. And don't forget that if you need any accessory for your intercom, you can also find them at Motocard.

Before we mentioned the GPS system, navigators save us from the anguish of getting lost in the big cities that we don't know or the transport hubs of far away places. They're an essential instrument for long distance travellers but they can even be useful in helping us arrive on time to a meeting or a date.

Thanks to the wide variety of functions, the more advanced navigators can suggest alternate routes in order to avoid unexpected jams or unwanted tolls. Even brands like Tom Tom, Midland or Garmin already design them taking into account their use on a motorbike, as they include options such as looking for windy roads...they know what we like!

If you decide to get one, we recommend a tank bag that has a compartment specifically for it, that way you can operate it and keep an eye on it without any hassle.

And if all this seems great to you (it does to us) what better than to record all of it. A video camera is a safe source of fun, and thanks to their accessories, we can find supports for placing them on our bike or helmet, etc. At Motocard we have the most popular GoPro, but you can also find other such as Midland or Sena.