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To be able to ride with a sense of feel, first we have to be able to find that sensation. And the best way is through some good bike gloves. Many riders, and rightly so, consider the gloves to be one of the most delicate items of their gear. On these depend the feeling with their machine and the protection of their hands, 'work tools' that in the event of a fall tend to graze the asphalt more often than we would like.

Therefore, if the bike professionals think twice before choosing some gloves, we wouldn't offer you any less: gloves for every season of the year, from the cold to the heat, passing through the mid-seasons. And gloves for every occasion, from the track – whether asphalt or mixed as in supermoto – to urban, that fit us to perfection, whatever our size.

Leather is the best choice if we want to enjoy the best protection without sacrificing feel, as their use is usually sport, it's important that they have good ventilation, but when the cold comes, many prefer to change to a textile glove, devised for a more touring use. Currently we have a good selection of membranes available, such as Gore-Tex, D-Dry (exclusive to Dainese) or Drystar (exclusive to Alpinestar products), that protect us from the cold and wet. Many trust in the more sporty gloves in order to not lose feel, but due to the latest technologies we now have winter gloves that can have a sports feel thanks to the X-trafit membrane from Gore-Tex.

And for the Cruisers, we even have gloves that can be heated which connected to the bike's battery have a heating circuit so that you can go to the North pole itself and back again. But, if you just want them to go to your office in the heart of the city, we recommend you use ones that you can easily recognise, so that you don't leave them on your desk or, worst still, the taxi driver can't say  "I didn't see you".