709 Road motorcycle Jackets Removable thermal lining

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The jacket is the motorcycle garment that you're going to like best on and off the bike and that all the mums of the world recommend that you wear when you go out. We bikers have are lucky to be able to count on superb garment manufacturers such as Dainese, Alpinestars, Ixon or Bering, whose jackets are easy to wear on a day to day basis and thus, at the same time, we can make our mothers happy. Protection and fashion. What more can we ask from this fantastic garment?

We immediately associate a bike jacket with leather. Without a doubt, this classic element is a sign of the times, present in different styles, from aviator to rocker. "The leather bomber jacket" is eternal and that's thanks to the leather, which is the best material against asphalt abrasion and for good thermal resistance, be it for the street or Sport.

But there are also textile jackets devised for riding motorbikes thanks to the use of technical fabrics. And here we have a world of possibilities: there are as many jackets as there are climates and conditions. You have summer ones, whose ventilation is excellent, and winter ones, that are normally waterproof and we can count on quality materials such as Gore-Tex to know that we can be nice and warm on freezing roads. Also, if we want to travel around the World and be prepared for any climate, it's always handy to have a removable thermal lining. And then there are those that are specialised in taking you to work at your office discretely or to have the greatest visibility between cars.

In order to complement our safety, there's nothing better than protections. Many jacket models already come prepared with a space for incorporating chest protectors and back protectors in such a way as to perfectly complement the reinforcements they have as standard.

And remember that most jackets come with internal zips to join them to the pants from the same manufacturer, so you have the perfect excuse to also get a pair of bike pants.