15 Trial pants

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We've spoken about the jerseys, and now we'll discuss the other half of your gear: the pants.

Manufacturers such as Hebo launch high quality products that carry on this important commitment. With great elasticity, the pants are a very specialised garment for this modality. The fabrics must be breathable and tear resistant. Ergonomics are important, as they fit tight to the body and not just any old size will do if it doesn't fit us perfectly. Which is why there are also pants exclusively for women.  As, in contrast to other garments, some generic off road pants are not the most suitable ones for going out to practise trial.

In the aesthetic department, we find a wide range of colours and graphics, even including limited editions, replicas of the best teams.

And with the incorporation of some good protections, we have the whole outfit. On the other hand, if you're someone who prefers to have the jersey and pants as a single piece, you have the 1 piece trial suits available as an alternative.